Your experience is still a cinch.

What changes for you? Nothing. There are no changes to your policies, and you can still rely on us to provide the same top-rated coverage and direct-to-customer prices. The change in our name has in no way changed the products and services you’ve come to know and rely on.

Berxi is rooted in stability.

BHSI is a “forever business,” and being part of this family gives us a strong foundation of values. Together, we're dedicated to a customer-focused approach based on integrity, excellence, and simplicity (to name a few). Berxi delivers on these values with our digital, direct-to-customer experience – which allows us to offer great savings and security. So, look out for great things to come.

We’re grateful for your trust and we’ll continue to work hard to give you the same great insurance experience you deserve. Thank you for being part of the Berxi family!

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