Dental Professional Liability Insurance

As a dentist, you know there’s always the risk that you could be involved in a malpractice claim at some point in your career. Whether you’re at fault or not, legal fees and potential settlements or verdicts can have a big impact on a small business’s bottom line. That’s where dental professional liability insurance comes in. Also known as “dental malpractice insurance,” this kind of coverage can provide you with a lawyer experienced in defending dentists against allegations of malpractice, and the funds you need to pay any legal fees or other costs associated with resolving a claim.

Our comprehensive dental professional liability insurance includes benefits like license protection, defense costs paid in addition to policy limits, a consent to settle provision, and no deductibles. Plus, our policies also cover a broad array of professional services you may perform, including professional consulting, teaching, utilization management reviews, and more.

You’ve worked hard to build your practice; let us help you protect it.