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Companies & Organizations Offering Deals for Healthcare Workers Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

These companies and organizations want to make life easier for those on the front lines of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Hand Sanitizer vs. Washing Your Hands: Which Is Better?

We asked the CDC to share their latest tips for healthcare professionals on maintaining proper hand hygiene.

What Is Negligence in Nursing?

Learn about the elements of negligence and what you can do to help protect yourself from allegations.

What To Know About Occupational Therapy Certifications & Specialties

Learn more about the various certifications and specialties you can pursue as an OT, including the requirements, costs, and earning potential for each.

8 Funny (& Very, Very Real) Nursing Stories

The intelligence, quick thinking, patience, and dedication needed to be a nurse is unparalleled by any other profession. So is the need for humor.

Physical Therapy Malpractice: Do PTs Really Get Sued?

How likely is this, really? We'll share the most recent stats, the most common claims made against PTs, and some real-life case studies.

What Is Patient Abandonment? Plus How To Break Up With Patients the Right Way

We'll explain what patient abandonment is (and isn't), what the consequences are, and some guidelines for ending a patient-provider relationship the right way.

HIPAA & Social Media: What You Can & Can't Post If You Work in Healthcare

We'll explain what a HIPAA violation is, how it can happen on social media, & some guidelines to keep in mind to help protect your patients' privacy.

Risk Management in Physical Therapy: 9 Ways To Minimize Risk in Your Practice

Learn the most common risks that PTs face⁠ on the job — and how to protect your patients and yourself from these potential hazards.
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