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Do CRNAs Get Sued?

Spoiler Alert: yes, CRNAs really do get sued. We’ll explain the reasons why CRNAs get sued and share some steps you can take to reduce your own risk.

What Happens If a Real Estate Agent Misses a Deadline?

As a real estate and business litigator — as well as a real estate broker — I get asked about deadlines a lot. While every circumstance is different, it’s important to keep in mind that the agent or broker is working with the clients to meet important deadlines — but the agent is not solely responsible for them.

How Much Do Nurse Anesthetists Make?

Find out just how much you can earn once you’re done with your CRNA education and training.

5 Strategies for Avoiding (& Preparing for) Malpractice Litigation

We asked a lawyer to walk us through the things healthcare professionals can do to prevent (and prepare for) potential malpractice claims.

Nurse Burnout: Statistics & Tips for Preventing Yourself From Burning Out, Too

Check out these shocking stats on nurse burnout, as well as some steps you can take to prevent yourself from burning out.

The Top 5 Small Business Risks Every Owner Should Prepare For

Here are some ideas for protecting yourself and your business from 5 risks you can’t control.

9 Things to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Developer

Do you have a big tech project on your plate but have no idea where to start? A freelancer might be your best bet. Here’s how to find the right fit.

Deals & Discounts for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

These companies and organizations want to make life easier for those on the front lines of the novel coronavirus outbreak.
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