Medical Malpractice Insurance

Protect the career and reputation you’ve worked so hard for.

What Is Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that protects you in your role as a healthcare practitioner if someone alleges that you’ve been negligent or made a mistake in some way. It protects you even if the claim against you is false.

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What Does a Berxi Malpractice Insurance Policy Include?

Here’s what you can expect to get with a Berxi medical malpractice policy:**

  • Legal representation
  • Defense outside the limits of liability (meaning money spent on your defense won’t be deducted from your insurance limits — so if you have a $1 million limit, you’ll still have $1 million to pay for any settlements or damages)
  • Flexible deductible options, including $0 deductibles
  • Flexible insurance limits, depending on your needs
  • Convenient payment plans for selected policies
  • How Much Does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost?

    Your malpractice insurance premium will depend on several factors, including your profession, years of experience, and past claims history. For example, a nursing student may pay as little as $14/year, while a CRNA could pay over $1,000/year.

    Want to get a better idea of how much your policy could cost? Take two minutes and get a quote now! And, if you choose to purchase, your policy can go into effect any day you’d like, including today.

    How Much Malpractice Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

    Typically, people choose insurance limits (sometimes referred to as “limits of liability”) that range from $250,000 to $2 million, based on the complexities of their job and the state in which they work. As you go through the “get a quote” process, we’ll highlight the most common limits of liability based on these types of factors.

    Want to learn more about insurance limits and how they work? Make sure to check out our FAQ page.

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    Why Should I Choose Berxi for My Malpractice Insurance?

    Plain and simple: Financial security, our commitment to our customers, and competitive pricing.

    Berxi™ is part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI), which offers financial stability, professionalism, and core values that center around a dedication to customer satisfaction. We have the added advantage of being able to sell directly to our customers — cutting out the brokers and middlemen — which allows us to reduce the cost of your insurance policy by about 20%. *

    We also offer a simplified, same-day digital experience. Your coverage can start the same day you apply, and your online account is available to you 24 / 7.

    If there’s ever a claim filed against you, we bring efficiency and transparency to all aspects of the claims-handling process. At its core, handling claims is about people — and our people bring skill and compassion to the process to protect your interests.

    Helpful, rapid, and responsive service. They patiently and courteously helped me through the nuances of all my questions!
    Catherine, New Hampshire

    Let Berxi Help Protect Your Medical Career

    Working in the medical industry, you need protection from actions brought against you by professional boards and from lawsuits brought by any third party — including patients, their families, and even your peers — that allege malpractice. If someone brings a lawsuit against you because they claim that you made an error that caused them harm, your medical malpractice insurance would step in to protect you.

    In these kinds of situations, you want to feel the relief of knowing that a reliable partner has your back and will support you with its resources until you’re comfortable with the solution. The team at Berxi knows that we can be that partner.

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    What’s Covered Under a Berxi Medical Malpractice Policy?

    Industry Coverage

    Medical Malpractice Coverage
    Defense Counsel
    Worldwide Coverage
    Good Samaritan Coverage
    Sexual Misconduct/Abuse

    Automatic Coverage Extensions

    Information Privacy Coverage (HIPAA)
    License Protection
    Defendant Expense Benefit/Deposition Representation
    Reputation Coverage

    Additional A La Carte Coverage

    Business/General Liability Coverage
    Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement Endorsement

    * “20% savings” is based on industry pricing averages.

    ** Quote and issuance of a policy are conditioned upon receipt and approval of the following 1) Practice Location; 2) Profession / Specialty; 3) Employment Status; 4) Coverage Type; 5) Hours Worked; and 6) Prior Claims Activity. Final pricing and terms of coverage may vary.

    *** Terms, pricing, and coverage may vary.