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The Best Podcasts for Dentists

Podcasts for Dentists are a great source of knowledge and keeping up with trends

While dentistry is a fulfilling career, it can also be an all-consuming one. From high demand for your services to the challenges of running a practice, it can add up to a lot. And while continuing education is important for many reasons, it can often seem like just one more thing to fit in. Enter a promising solution: dentistry podcasts.

Whether you listen while you walk the dog, on your drive into work, or before you go to bed at night, podcasts are valuable resources loaded with information, advice, and fresh insight on relevant topics like dental insurance, the latest technology, business techniques, in-depth clinical technique tips, and more.

All of which begs the question: which dental podcasts should you tune into? Read on for a roundup of our favorite podcasts, broken out conveniently by category from general dentistry to marketing a dental practice.

Best General Dentistry Podcasts

1. Quick Bites for Your Dental Office

Host(s): Ashley Bond
Average Length: 6 minutes
Listen On: Amazon | Apple Podcasts | Audible

What It's About: Got a dental question? Get it answered in one palatable “bite.” Founder of Bond Dental Billing, Bond is a repository of useful and applicable information — from the front office to the business side.

Why You'll Love It: No fluff or filler in this dental podcast. Just the stuff you need to know to keep your practice up and running its best while laying a solid foundation for you to reach your personal and business financial goals.

2. Yoga for Dentists

Host(s): Josie Dovidio
Average Length: 10 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Audible | Spotify

What It's About: These guided meditations designed specifically for dental professionals will help you establish beneficial personal habits while de-stressing from the demands of dentistry. You’ll also hear interviews with dental industry and health and wellness industry experts on finding success and longevity — as a dentist and in life!

Why You'll Love It: As a general dentist, registered yoga teacher, and certified wellness consultant, Dovidio brings a unique perspective to an important topic. If you’ve ever felt isolated in your profession or struggled to maintain work-life balance, this calming dental podcast can help you realign.

3. Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Host(s): Howard Farran
Average Length: 22 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: From treatment plans and the patient experience to retirement and work-life balance, if you’re looking to simplify your life as a dentist, this is the podcast for you.

Why You'll Love It: Farran, founder & CEO of, is eager to share what he knows about dentistry — both clinical care and practice management. A straight shooter, Farran isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions in his information-packed interviews with industry leaders, all the while including humor to engage guests and listeners.

4. The Dental Amigos

Host(s): Robert H. Montgomery III and Paul M. Goodman
Average Length: 30 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud

What It's About: Dentistry can be an isolating profession. The Dental Amigos are all about providing valuable information while also uniting the community, building camaraderie, and promoting connections.

Why You'll Love It: Whether you’re running a solo practice or work as part of a team, you can always have more friends — especially ones who understand the industry’s unique challenges and are eager to help you tackle them.

5. Yogateeth

Host(s): Heather Bolton
Average Length: 40 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Amazon | Google Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: Being successful in dentistry isn’t just about dental skills and expertise. Yogateeth CEO, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, dental hygienist, yoga teacher, and MBA student Heather Bolton shares advice and mindfulness tips for being a better dentist — and your best self.

Why You'll Love It: While Bolton is committed to promoting self-care for dental professionals, she also recognizes that it’s a journey, not a destination. Wherever you are on your journey, you’ll appreciate her gentle encouragement and inspiration — which make this one of our standout dental podcasts.

Best Podcasts for Dental Students

6. Smart Dental Student

Host(s): Matt and Landon
Average Length: 45 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Audible | Spotify

What It's About: The dental podcast for lifelong learners. Don’t have time to keep up with the latest industry trends and developments on your own? Hosts Matt and Landon seek out exclusive interviews and information from industry leaders so you don’t have to.

Why You'll Love It: Continuing education is essential for dentists, and Smart Dental Student puts it front and center. If your goal is to grow yourself and your practice, you’ll find lots of help here — not to mention plenty of fun banter too.

7. The Dental Student Podcast

Host(s): Onni Franco
Average Length: 38 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: The inaugural podcast put out by dental student hosts Onni, Justin, RJ, and Eric take listeners behind the scenes for an upfront, candid look at the personal lives of dental students and residents. Whether you’re looking for advice, empathy, or entertainment, you’ll find all three here.

Why You'll Love It: Completely unfiltered! Whether you’re just starting to think about going to dental school or you’re already there and searching for commiseration, the Dental Student Podcast is a repository of raw and completely honest info.

8. The Dental Download

Host(s): Haley Schultz
Average Length: 25 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: Looking for “a day in the life”-type dental podcast? Host Haley takes you behind the curtain for an inside look at her experiences as a dental student turned new dentist. In addition to sharing her own stories, Haley checks in with industry professionals for conversations on the state of the industry.

Why You'll Love It: The just-right combination of education and entertainment! Haley is passionate, personable, and the perfect guide for dental students and others interested in the profession.

9. Dental Head Start

Host(s): David Keir
Average Length: 45 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: Designed to help lay the foundation for professional success as a dentist, Dental Head Start culls wisdom and expertise from experts who’ve gone before.

Why You'll Love It: While learning through doing is great, guidance from people who’ve been where you are right now can help you best position yourself for success while also avoiding common missteps along the way.

Best Podcasts for Starting Your Own Practice

10. Start UP Unscripted

Host(s): Michael Dinsio and John Bertagni
Average Length: 40 minutes
Listen On: Amazon | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: Did you know there’s an actual playbook to starting a dental practice? Well, there is. “Dental entrepreneur” Dinsio hands it over in this podcast.

Why You'll Love It: This podcast boasts an amazing concept with great business information you won’t find anywhere else. You know how they say there are no shortcuts? There are, and they are here.

11. The Shared Practices Podcast

Host(s): Richard Low, DMD, and George Hariri, DMD
Average Length: 45 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: A must-listen for young dentists hoping to get into practice ownership, this dental podcast provides high-value and actionable information on topics like money, finances and numbers, and internal systems.

Why You'll Love It: If you’ve ever felt like private practice is a mystery that might elude you forever, this podcast draws back the curtain.

Best Podcasts for Managing & Growing a Dental Practice

12. Dentistry's Growing with Grace

Host(s): Grace Rizza
Average Length: 25 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: A leader in the dental marketing space, Rizza shares tips and advice on marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship with a comfortable and positive tone.

Why You'll Love It: Ever wondered how you’re supposed to market your practice when you’re so focused on your priority of delivering the highest-quality patient care? This dental marketing podcast’s tips are designed to be put into action by dentists and their support teams. (While the marketing advice is dentistry-specific, it’s also transferable!)

13. The Productive Dentist Podcast

Host(s): Dr. Bruce Baird
Average Length: 17 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube

What It's About: Baird steers clear of the usual podcast interview format to weigh in 1:1 with his extensive wisdom and knowledge on topics such as dental implants, scheduling, leadership, and practice management.

Why You'll Love It: Baird shares in this info-packed dental podcast the wealth of knowledge he has amassed during his 30-year career.

Best Podcasts for Marketing a Dental Practice

14. Bulletproof Dental Practice

Host(s): Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak
Average Length: 50 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: Today’s dental practices don’t have to function only today. They’ve also got to hold up to an always-evolving landscape. Do you have the right business mindset to stay the course? This powerful podcast is packed with great content for “bulletproofing” your practice through marketing, systems, leadership, and more.

Why You'll Love It: Reading reviews about Bulletproof Dental Practice says it all: “This podcast is the rising tide that floats all ships!” “The podcast is a wealth of information that pulls from [Peter’s and Craig’s] successes AND challenges in dentistry as well as in life.” “You’ll finish almost every episode with both actionable content and introspective insight.”

15. The Dental Marketer

Host(s): Michael Arias
Average Length: 45 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts

What It's About: You might deliver the best dental care around, but it won’t matter if you don’t have patients to practice on. This dental podcast is an excellent resource for helping overwhelmed and/or uncertain practice owners understand their marketing options in order to start implementing the best marketing practices.

Why You'll Love It: You’ve got to be pretty confident in your expertise to proclaim yourself “THE dental marketer,” but Michael is rightfully at home in these shoes. You’ll love his unconventional strategies and innovative tactics for getting your practice name in front of more patients — all delivered directly and in terms you can understand and use.

16. Dental Confidential

Host(s): Dr. Jessica Emery
Average Length: 30 minutes
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

What It's About: A cosmetic dentist turned marketing educator, Jessica understands the life of the dental practitioner while bringing extensive marketing expertise to the table.

Why You'll Love It: As Dr. Emery says, this dental podcast is “like a virtual happy hour with your dental bestie.” Count us in! If you’re tired of stuffy dental podcasts and looking for something more approachable, this is the one. “Getting real” definitely does not mean “getting bored” in this host’s dazzling hands.

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