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The 13 Best Real Estate Podcasts for Brokers

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In this “best of” list, we have compiled some of the most popular and highly rated real estate podcasts to help you continue your education of the real estate world. We also reached out to several informed and motivated property brokers and agents (see panel of experts below) who are passionate about the podcasts they listen to.

Whether you’re keeping up to date with industry trends, growing a successful real estate business, or pursuing another aspect of your real estate career, you can find a podcast that speaks to virtually any interests and concerns you might have. Although different podcasts inevitably mean different things to different people, the 13 market-leading, boundary-pushing podcasts below are a great place to start!

1. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Hosts: David Greene and Rob Abasolo
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify
What It’s About: Billing itself as a democratized grassroots “movement” in the real estate developing community, BiggerPockets is an independent information source and professional social network of more than two million members. Its official website serves as a marketplace platform to support financing, funding, and property sales transactions. Airing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, BiggerPockets’ Real Estate Podcast is the premier real estate investing podcast, as well as BiggerPockets’ longest-running daily real estate podcast. Ideal for property investors of single-family homes and other properties (along with their advisors), this weekly podcast concentrates on dispensing key guidance to help both well-established multimarket firms and smaller real estate players who are eager to grow their portfolios. To keep things interesting, the podcast features interviews with active and passive investors from across the US, detailing their personal success stories while dispensing invaluable tips.
Why You’ll Love Them: Co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo have a knack for getting to the heart of what it takes to drive success in a variety of real estate markets and fields. This diversity is driven by the podcast’s broad spectrum of revolving expert guests. The Silicon Valley Property Management Group’s David Roberson regularly turns to the BiggerPockets podcast to stay advised on ongoing and evolving real estate trends nationwide. The Tenant Advisory Group’s Bill Himmelstein appreciates the podcast’s ability to provide detailed and relevant information on topics that range from general property management to specific decision-making and negotiation tactics.

2. America's Commercial Real Estate Show

Host: Michael Bull
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | PlayerFM
What It’s About: Hosted by Michael Bull, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is the top real estate podcast devoted exclusively to the commercial property market.Topics focus on best-in-class, relevant, and actionable commercial real estate market intelligence, forecasts, and strategy; weekly guests include commercial property business leaders as well as specialized analysts and economists. Since 2010, Bull has been releasing America's Commercial Real Estate Show in both audio and video weekly episodes.
Why You’ll Love It: Exceptionally produced and highly engaging, America's Commercial Real Estate Show maintains a specific focus on commercial real estate but covers a full spectrum of topics as they relate to this focus. Bill and Diana Himmelstein call this podcast “a weekly obsession” because it covers everything from current market trends and construction costs to the value of co-working spaces and social media real estate advertising. This podcast also offers expert advice and forecasting when it comes to addressing specific geographic areas of commercial real estate investment.

3. Real Estate Realities with The RebelBroker

Host: Robert “the RebelBroker” Whitelaw
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PlayerFM
What It’s About: Nicknamed “The RebelBroker,” this podcast is hosted by Robert Whitelaw. As his podcast description says, he “has seen more than his share of what is right and wrong with the real estate business” during his 30-plus years as a broker and realtor. Known for his straight talk, Whitelaw isn’t afraid to point out inefficiencies and injustices in the field of property investment, which is one of the many reasons why Real Estate Realities is essential listening for savvy investors and real estate developers of all kinds.
Why You’ll Love It: Drawing on a wealth of information and experience, Whitelaw covers subjects of interest to real estate buyers, sellers, beginner investors, women investors, private investors, and developers. From his insider position, he offers practical real estate advice on areas ranging from financing and goal-setting to ongoing wealth-building and working with home buyers and property managers – plus the latest in industry trends. Recent popular episodes of Real Estate Realities cover topics such as the simple truth about open houses, national rent control, mortgage rates, detecting deception, flipping houses, and eviction moratoriums. Episodes pertaining to the state of the housing market in 2023, such as rising home prices, tips for aspiring sellers, and whether 2023 will be a replay of the 2007 housing market crash, are also favorites with the show’s listeners.

4. Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast

Host: Kathy Fettke
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify
What It’s About: Kathy Fettke is eager to share her personal insights and trade secrets as a successful real estate investor. The co-chief executive officer of RealWealth and author of the best-selling book Retire Rich with Rentals and her newest book, The Wise Investor, she has a lot to offer anyone who wants to leverage real estate investments to acquire the “time and the money to live life on [their] own terms!” Each week, Fettke welcomes a new guest to discuss the generation of passive income through property investments toward growing long-term wealth. Whether you’re on your first investment property or your 50th, there’s something here for you.
Why You’ll Love It: The Real Wealth Show provides up-to-date information on the latest trends affecting the home buying process and real estate market – and their impact on personal finance. The podcast emphasizes in particular that listeners should pay attention to market conditions, capitalize on the right investment opportunities when they arise, and avoid market crashes before they prove damaging. The Real Wealth Show also goes in depth on topics like single-family and multifamily rental properties, self-directed IRAs and 401ks, buy-and-hold strategies, mortgage rates, property syndicators and syndicated deals, creative financing, and the much-touted 1031 exchange.

5. Broker to Broker

Hosts: JP Hussey and Marc Summers
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PlayerFM | Spotify
What It’s About: Presented by the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), Broker to Broker focuses less on rapidly evolving property investment markets and more on the essentials of developing and growing a successful real estate business. The primary listeners of this talk show, which airs new episodes every Tuesday, are independent mortgage brokers who want to benefit from the wisdom of others in their field. Co-hosts JP Hussey (an AIME member & independent mortgage broker) and Marc Summers (AIME's President of Membership and independent mortgage broker) speak with a new industry expert every week on topics like scaling mortgage company growth, the importance of remaining “heart-forward,” establishing your brand with an accessible content catalog, and growing your network by advocating for your borrowers.
Why You’ll Love It: Any real estate broker interested in career advancement can find something to love about Broker to Broker. Recent episodes include “Givers Gain: How to Grow Yourself & Your Brokerage by Giving Back” (which specifically discusses a broker/owner’s dedicated service to the US veteran community) and “Brokering 101: Building Communities by Fostering Genuine Relationships” (which includes a close look at the power of “women supporting women” in the real estate industry). The podcast also routinely covers various AIME events. Its perfect five-star listener rating on Apple Podcasts speaks for itself.

6. Real Estate Rockstars

Hosts: Pat Hiban and Aaron Amuchastegui
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PlayerFM
What It’s About: Releasing new episodes on Mondays and Thursdays, Real Estate Rockstars keeps a close eye on market fluctuations as they occur. It also emphasizes exactly what it takes to build a strong and enduring real estate business. Highly motivational, this popular podcast not only informs but inspires listeners to tackle challenging projects, develop successful teams, close more deals, and secure higher home sales commissions. Recent episodes include “Ditch Your W-2 for an Uncapped Career in Real Estate,” “Chris Voss’ Guide to Gaining the Edge in ANY Negotiation,” and “The Key to Outperforming Competitors in ANY Market with Amy Stockberger.”
Why You’ll Love It: True to its title, this podcast draws on the expertise of guests who are at the top of their respective fields in terms of experience and performance. Hosts Pat Hiban and Aaron Amuchastegui conduct comprehensive interviews with these industry leaders to get actionable answers to important questions. Christina Siamof of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox Cities Realty appreciates the sheer wealth of diverse perspectives that Real Estate Rockstars has to offer, and she isn’t alone. The podcast has been downloaded more than four million times from listeners in more than 100 countries.

7. Level Up: From Agent to Entrepreneur

Host: Greg Harrelson
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify
What It’s About: Another podcast that features interviews with movers and shakers in the real estate field, Level Up: From Agent to Entrepreneur distinguishes itself from its closest competitors by offering in-depth insights into the art and science of building and leading effective teams. While not updated as regularly as some others on this list, it remains an invaluable resource for new and ambitious agents who are looking to blaze paths to leadership and ownership positions.This masterful podcast also speaks to established real estate leaders, showing them ways to do their jobs better and reach new levels of success. Whether you’re a real estate rookie or a seasoned pro, there’s something on this talk program for you.
Why You’ll Love It: The heart of Level Up is host Greg Harrelson. A real estate broker, entrepreneur, and business coach, he offers a range of real estate tools and learning opportunities through his online coaching marketplace Real Estate Sales Solutions. If you’re looking to gain and spread inspiration, this podcast just might be the motivational force you need – whether that’s insights from established pros or learning through strategic sessions with up-and-coming agents. Recent episodes of Level Up include “Be Non-Negotiable About Your Business,” “Online Lead Conversation Just Got Harder,” “Top Agent Priorities in the New Year,” and “Do Something Every Day…Even If It’s Wrong.”

8. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Hosts: Tim and Julie Harris
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PlayerFM
What It’s About: Rated the #1 daily real estate podcast, and that it's had over 20 million downloads, this 30-minute podcast takes a pronounced coaching approach to bettering your real estate strategies and practices. It also provides the latest real estate news along with other inspiring stories pertaining to the industry. Episodes cover a wide range of specific real estate topics including great information on how to create a business plan, the lead generation process and how to generate leads, how to write scripts, and how to present listings. Like many real estate coaching initiatives, this podcast addresses the importance of a success mindset head on.
Why You’ll Love It: The best-selling authors of HARRIS Rules, hosts Tim and Julie Harris have coached thousands of real estate professionals for more than two decades with their renowned coaching program. They draw on their attentive industry focus and considerable real estate experience to provide trustworthy information about the real estate world, along with invaluable tips for financial success within it. While some episodes revolve around guest interviews with industry innovators and vendors, others focus on the Harrises’ personal experiences. The Flushing Realty Group’s Brian Ma appreciates the balanced approach of the podcast hosts’ presentations, one of the many reasons he counts it among his favorite shows. “They don’t merely pump up the bullish side of the equation,” he says. “They truly try to be balanced and offer great tips to realtors.” This beloved podcast has also been named one of the top real estate podcasts on the market by the Motley Fool, Google, and Inman News among other respected media outlets.

9. Keeping It Real

Host: D.J. Paris
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher |
What It’s About: Although many of the other podcasts on this list report on current industry news and trends, few can rival Keeping It Real in terms of story relevance and depth of coverage. Host D.J. Paris interviews successful agents in the industry to share the secrets of the top 1% of brokers and realtors. Even better, each episode offers contact information for featured guests, which allows listeners to follow up personally with any questions about the timely information shared. Recent episodes include “Top Real Estate Agent at 26 Years Old,” “Is Your Mindset Holding You Back in Real Estate?”, “Communication, Cooperation, and Empathy,” and “How Lead Generation Has Changed for Real Estate Agents in 2023.”
Why You’ll Love It: This podcast stays up to date on any and all recent developments in the real estate sector, with releases every few days. By interviewing only the most expert real estate professionals in their respective fields, it offers extensive and intimate details about their personal experiences for the benefit of others. As Paris himself puts it, “There’s no catch, no hidden agenda and nothing to buy or sell. Just real estate professionals sharing what works for them.”

10. Breakfast with Brokers

Host: Lisa Troyano-Ascolese
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | PlayerFM
What It’s About: Ideal for the busiest of brokers, Breakfast with Brokers packs the essential market news and stats of the moment into easily digestible episodes that typically last between 10 and 15 minutes – the perfect accompaniment to your morning commute or breakfast. (When the subject matter is sufficiently complex, however, plan to linger over your meal: some episodes approach an hour in length.) Somewhat sporadic compared to more regular podcasts, Troyano-Ascolese’s approachable vibe “puts the ‘REAL’ in the real estate business.”
Why You’ll Love It: With a laidback but razor-sharp approach, host Lisa Troyano-Ascolese discusses nationwide real estate sector trends and offers insights into building an effective real estate industry business. Whether joined by a guest or delivering her podcast solo, Troyano-Ascolese leverages her years of professional experience to provide insights that matter. With a home base just outside of Manhattan in Hoboken and Jersey City, she offers localized as well as general insights and industry knowledge on the latest stories, market trends, feeder markets, stats, and highs and lows.

11. Over Ask

Host: Matt Lionetti and Eric Simon (aka The Broke Agent)
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify
What It’s About: Best known for their risque memes, social media personalities Lionetti and Simon get up close and personal with real estate icons like Ryan Serhant. Actionable, entertaining, and completely no-nonsense, they know all the right people, consistently snag some of the real estate industry’s big names, and pull no punches with their take-no-prisoners approach to interviewing. Recent episodes have included “Buying Beverly Hills, “How to Build a Local Community,” “The Best Ways to Recruit Real Estate Agents,” and “How to Set Up the PERFECT Agent Instagram Bio.”
Why You’ll Love It: Tired of boring podcasts? You definitely won’t be snoozing through Lionetti and Simon’s unabashed approach to getting their guests to spill the dirt.

12. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk: Real Estate Coaching and Success Training for Agents

Host: Kevin Ward
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify
What It’s About: Building a long-lasting career in real estate takes knowledge, skills, strategies, systems – and some serious stamina. Hosted by internationally recognized speaker and real estate trainer Kevin Ward, this high-octane podcast can help you supercharge your career by tapping into all of these things. Recent topics include, “Pros Show Up Different,” “Why the Greatest Achievers Never Plateau,” “A YesMasters Mantra & How You Achieve Big Dreams,” “These Four Things Will Kill Your Success,” and “The Biggest Money-Making Video Strategy for Realtors.”
Why You’ll Love It: Working in the real estate industry can be exhausting, but every episode of this invigorating podcast delivers a healthy dose of adrenaline. Ward’s irrepressible excitement and energy are contagious and will help you reconnect with what you love about the profession. Consider this your one-stop shop for inspiration! We challenge you not to be galvanized after spending a few minutes with YesMaster Ward.

13. CarrotCast Real Estate Marketing

Host: Brady Winder and Trevor Mauch
Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify
What It’s About: Designed to help agents on the proverbial “hamster wheel” overcome their challenges to generate consistent and motivated seller leads, this twiceweekly podcast comprises two segments. Hosted by content strategist Brady Winder, Tuesdays feature actionable strategies and digestible tips sourced from successful industry professionals, including seasoned investors, wholesalers, flippers, and super agents. Thursdays’ “Trevor Truck Talks” segments take listeners behind the scenes with Carrot's CEO, real estate investor, and marketing guru Trevor Mauch. Both run the gamut of topics from SEO to negotiation, with recent episodes on “Accountability Dos and Don'ts for Leading a Team,” “Getting Better Testimonials,” “Website Design and Conversion 201: Effective Copywriting, Colors, Forms, Testing, & More,” and “Make Your Business a Game You Always Wanted to Play.”
Why You’ll Love It: While covering a breadth and depth of real estate topics, Mauch’s expertise in tech-related aspects of the industry is especially helpful for anyone looking to tackle tech more effectively. More than a million downloads speak for themselves!

Final Thoughts

Considering the countless challenges real estate professionals face each day, carving out time for general education and industry insights can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a rental income podcast, long-distance real estate investing advice, content creation advice, or you’re an aspiring landlord wondering how to generate smart passive income, the podcasts on this list can help you better serve your clients while furthering and expanding your career.

And these are just a small sampling of what’s out there. Other go-to podcasts for forward-thinking real estate professionals include the Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, the GaryVee Audio Experience with Gary Vaynerchuk, the BOOM Real Estate Podcast, the Money Pit Podcast, the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience for Real Estate Agents, the Massive Agent Podcast, Think Realty Podcast, FortuneBuilders Real Estate Investing Show & Podcast, the Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Podcast, and many others.

If you have time to listen, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn!

The panel of real estate professionals includes:

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