Yoga Teacher Liability Insurance

Who would sue a yoga teacher? Your job is to build strong minds and bodies, and to create peaceful souls. The last thing you would ever want is for a client to get hurt during your class. But things happen. Whether it was your mistake or not, you need to make sure you have professional liability insurance in place to protect your savings account (and business) if you need to hire lawyers or pay settlements.

Not a yoga teacher? Not a problem! We also offer professional liability insurance for a range of fitness professionals, including personal trainers.

Berxi Professional Liability Insurance: Key Features

Here are some noteworthy features of our yoga teacher liability insurance:

  • Occurrence and claims-made policy options
    • Don’t know the difference between the two? No worries! We wrote an article that breaks it all down for you.
  • Legal defense outside the limits of liability
    • This means that money spent on your defense won’t be deducted from your insurance limits — so if you have a $1 million limit, you’ll still have $1 million to pay for any settlements or damages.
  • Consent to settle
    • This means that we won't settle a claim without your consent.
  • $0 deductibles
  • Flexible insurance limits based on your needs
  • Convenient payment plans for select policies
  • Customizable tail coverage options for customers with claims-made policies

The Cost of Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Yoga teacher insurance typically starts at about $139/year for a supplemental policy and about $161/year for a primary policy. (Keep in mind that these prices are for occurrence policies with limits of $1 million/$3 million.) The final cost will depend on a number of factors, including — but not limited to:

  • How much coverage or limits of insurance you want
  • Where you practice
  • Your level of experience and education
  • How many hours a week you work

The best way to get an accurate idea of what your policy would cost is by filling out our quick online application to get a quote. The process takes a couple minutes, and — if you choose to purchase — your policy can go into effect any day you’d like, including today.

I Already Get Liability Insurance Through My Employer. Why Would I Need More?

If you work for a studio or gym, you may already have insurance through your employer. But keep in mind that your employer’s policy might not be enough to fully protect you in the event that you’re named in a lawsuit. That’s why many yoga instructors choose to buy their own liability insurance, too — it’s an added layer of security that’s dedicated specifically to protecting their assets, careers, and reputations.

Does Berxi Offer Group Liability Insurance for My Whole Staff?

Wondering if you can insure the other yoga teachers in your studio or gym? The answer is yes! Call us at 833.24.BERXI (833.242.3794) and we’ll be there to discuss your insurance needs.

Yoga Teacher Liability Insurance: What's Covered Under a Berxi Policy?

Industry Coverage

Automatic Coverage Extensions

Additional A La Carte Coverage

Why Should I Choose Berxi for My Professional Liability Insurance?

We’ve built a digital professional liability insurance platform that makes the insurance experience simpler, faster, and just plain better for our customers. While we think we’re the right choice for yoga instructors, we also know that this is a really important decision, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need. Here are a few things that set us apart from other insurance companies.

We’re part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company.

You could say that we’ve got the best of both worlds: while we’re as flexible as a start-up, we also have the financial stability to make sure we’re around for the long term.

We operate on a direct-to-customer model.

This means that we’re not just the people who sell you an insurance policy – we’re also the people who are responsible for handling your claim. There’s no one in the middle; it’s just us and you. Plus, working directly with us eliminates fees that are typical in insurance transactions. In fact, our customers typically save an average of 20% – and, in some cases, even more.

We’re digital.

You can go onto our website to get a quote, buy a policy, and download your certificate of insurance – all in the exact same day. And if you ever need to file a claim, you can also do that digitally, too.

We’re here for our customers.

When you call our support line, you won’t have to navigate through an endless phone tree or argue with a robot: you’ll reach a real-life human being who’ll work hard to answer all your questions. Being a customer-first company is part of our mission — and we have a great reputation for it.

We started Berxi because we believe that we can make insurance better, faster, and more affordable by offering you a direct connection with an insurance company that cares about your needs. That means that you buy directly from us and you talk directly to us. We know you expect fast, seamless results from a company that really understands you — and that emphasis on technology, compassion, and customer satisfaction is all built into the Berxi mission.
Adam Yasan, Managing Director Berxi

"20% savings" is based on industry pricing averages as of March 2020.

Subject to terms and conditions of the policy. Quote and issuance of a policy are conditioned upon receipt and approval of the following 1) Practice Location; 2) Profession / Specialty; 3) Employment Status; 4) Coverage Type; 5) Hours Worked; and 6) Prior Claims Activity. Final pricing and terms of coverage may vary. Terms, pricing, and coverage may vary. Products not available in all states.