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Article- Facts About Dental Malpractice Insurance

5 Things Dentists Want to Know Before Buying Dental Malpractice Insurance

Your insurance carrier will be with you when a claim is filed against you and even could be with you when you are named in a suit. Make sure you know who has your back in your hardest time.

professional liability insurance definition

What Is Professional Liability Insurance? A Guide to Coverage, Costs, & More

All professionals face risk in their careers when they are dealing with patients, customers, or any consumer. It is important to recognize these potential risks and take steps to reduce them. One of these steps in Professional Liability Insurance.

malpractice insurance for dentists

Malpractice Insurance for Dentists: Your Top Questions Answered

As a dentist, you want to focus on helping make smiles. But insurance is important and it can be complicated. Let Berxi help answer some common questions you may have.

Dental professional at a dental technology conference

The Best Dental Conferences to Attend in 2024

Dentistry is not just about checking teeth. To run a successful practice and be a successful practitioner takes a lot of moving parts. From the tools you use, to the software, to the malpractice insurance you carry. Learn about conferences you can attend to explore the wider dental world.

Dentist having a dental malpractice claim filed against them

Real Dental Malpractice Claim: What Happens If You Make a Big Mistake?

Mistakes happen and when they do, they can be costly. If you are a dental professional, you have a lot to juggle, and when something goes wrong, it is important that your dental malpractice insurance company backs you up.

Best states to practice dentistry

The Best & Worst States for Dentists in 2024

We pulled the latest data on dentists' salaries and projected job growth, as well as data on affordability and quality of life, to determine which states make the best places for dentists to put down roots (and which don't). How did your state stack up?

dental peer review board at a conference table

Your Complete Guide to the Dental Peer Review Process

Berxi is here to help you understand the dental peer review process.

woman smiling at laptop in dark room debunking medical malpractice insurance myths

The 6 Most Common Myths About Medical Malpractice Insurance Debunked

Insurance can be confusing. You probably have a lot of questions and have heard a lot of different things about medical malpractice insurance. Berxi is here to help clear up some common myths.

woman smiling shaking other woman's hand | insurance claims team must-haves

What Makes a Great Professional Liability Insurance Claims Team?

As a busy professional, you want to make sure that if an insurance claim pops up, you’ve got the right team in place to handle it. Here are some suggestions to find the right professional liability insurance company (and claims team) to help when you need it most.

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