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The Best Dentist & Hygienist Influencers of 2022

Dental or hygienist influencer sharing her experience with an invisible orthodontics dental treatment while talking to a camera

With so many dentists' and hygienists' social media pages, who has the time to navigate all of them? If you are a dentist, hygienist, orthodontist, or one of their patients seeking valuable information regarding dental health and career growth, you know what we’re talking about.

To make it easier for you, we have done our research and prepared a list of the best dentist and hygienist influencers to keep an eye on in 2022 on TikTok and Instagram.

Dentist and Hygienist Influencers to Learn From (Berxi)


Best Dentists to Watch on TikTok

1. Ashley Izadi, DDS

  • Handle: DrAshleyIzadi
  • Followers: 28.2K
  • Website:
  • Description: Dr. Izadi’s main goal is to educate people about dental health and the long - term health benefits that proper dental care gives. She uses her TikTok account to demonstrate proper flossing techniques, answer frequently asked questions, and show proper dental hygiene, as well as to do funny dances that capture the attention of many.

2. Patrick Sebastien Lolo, DMD

  • Handle: Dr_PloLo
  • Followers: 106.3K
  • Description: As a pediatric dentist in Miami, Dr. Lolo strives to provide every child with the most pain - free, comfortable, and fun experience while at the dentist's office. He has a clear vision of how to ensure that every child not only leaves happy but also wants to return. He loves to do videos on how to teach children to care for their teeth and to maintain overall dental health.

3. Ryan Savage, DDS

  • Handle: RyanSavageDDS
  • Followers: 375.8 K
  • Website:
  • Description: Known as the “smile makeover dentist” and considered a leader in the dental industry, Dr. Savage transforms the smiles of many through the use of the latest dental technology. He uses his social media platform to showcase all of the beautiful smiles he has created throughout the years, as well as to provide education on how to care for teeth. When he is not busy in the office, he is an avid soccer player!

Best Hygienists to Watch on TikTok

4. Jasmine Williams, RDH

  • Handle: JasmineRDH
  • Followers: 1.2M
  • Website:
  • Description: Born and raised in Houston, Williams knew from an early age that she wanted to be in the dental industry. And after graduating from her dream school, which by the way only accepts 30 applicants, she began working as a travel registered dental hygienist. She has a large social media presence, especially on TikTok where her dental health videos quickly went viral, which opened the door to partnering with major oral health care brands. When she is not working or on social media, she is busy writing e-books, teaching courses, and managing her lip gloss line!

5. Jasmine Capra, RDH

  • Handle: JustFlossIt
  • Followers: 22.9K
  • Website:
  • Description: Following in her father’s footsteps, Capra became a registered dental hygienist. She loves to provide oral health care facts and tips to share with patients. Her many social media forums provide a wealth of information on dental care.

6. Iman Zayed, RDH

  • Handle: Millennial_RDH
  • Followers: 232.1K
  • Website:
  • Description: For the last five years, Zayed has focused on overall physical and oral health education, including patients’ everyday wellness and fitness. During the COVID pandemic, she has continuously provided information on how to maintain dental health and how dental offices can create better filtration systems.

Best Orthodontists to Watch on TikTok

7. Catherine Ding, DDS

  • Handle: DrCatherineDing
  • Followers: 914.5K
  • Description: Known as the “K-Pop Dancing” dentist, Dr. Ding teaches about dental health and braces through a series of “how - to” and dancing videos. Not only does she love taking care of teeth, but she is the founder of the “Busy Bear Collection” where she creates enamel art and pins!

8. Ben Winters, DDS

  • Handle: TheBentist
  • Followers: 11.7M
  • Website:
  • Description: Dr. Winters, or “The Bentist,” takes a fun approach to dental health and braces. From correcting crooked teeth to creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Winters uses social media to bring attention to the importance of good dental hygiene and its relationship to having a functional smile.


Best Dentists to Follow on Instagram

9. Dr. Milad Shadrooh

  • Handle: SingingDentist
  • Followers: 314K
  • Website:
  • Description: Who says that dentistry has to be all about teeth? Dr. Shadrooh (“The Singing Dentist”) is not only passionate about oral surgery but is one talented performer. He creates super entertaining dental educational posts that give traditional dental content a spin!

10. Jocelynn Vida, DMD

  • Handle: DrJocelynnVida
  • Followers: 128K
  • Website:
  • Description: Based in Orange County, California, Dr. Vida is a bilingual dentist with two goals in mind: to alleviate the dental fears and false beliefs that patients have of dentists, and to make patients feel supported and cared for.

11. Dr. Franklyn Agueborlt, DMD

  • Handle: IAmDr_a
  • Followers: 18.2K
  • Website:
  • Description: Dr. Agueborlt loves to educate patients in his dental practice Smile Design Dental Studio and social media forums. He focuses not only on patients’ mouths but takes a holistic approach to their care. His goal is to achieve complete oral and physical well - being.

Best Hygienists to Follow on Instagram

12. Whitney DiFoggio, BS, RDh

  • Handle: teethtalkgirl
  • Followers: 31K
  • Description: DiFoggio is a registered dental hygeinist who goes by teethtalkgirl on social media. Her online presence originally began on YouTube, which she continues to update today with educational videos. DiFoggio's website,, is another great source for dental professionals. She and other dental professionals write about issues that patients may be experincing or topics to keep in mind in the profession, such as how bad a pumpkin spice latte is for teeth.

13. Martelle Coke, RDH

  • Handle: BrownGirl.RDH
  • Followers: 17K
  • Description: Since becoming a registered dental hygienist, Coke founded the nonprofit organization BrownGirl, RDH, which promotes cultural diversity for students studying to become dental hygienists. While attending school to obtain a doctor of dental surgery degree, she uses her social media to educate on dental hygiene and to advocate for removing the financial barriers often faced by dental students.

14. Allison Cuevas, RDH

  • Handle: TheBrightBite
  • Followers: 5K
  • Website:
  • Description: Founder of “The Bright Bite Hygiene Services,” Cuevas serves patients of all ages not only in the office but also from their homes. Her practice includes staff training on how to help patients who have complex medical conditions or suffer from anxiety when thinking about a dental office. From providing patients with headphones and blankets to not having any dental noises or smells, her setup is all about comfort. Her Instagram page and other social media forums provide a wealth of information about maintaining oral health.

15. Irene Iancu, RDH

  • Handle: ToothLifeIrene
  • Followers: 25.6K
  • Website:
  • Description: Iancu owns a Toronto - based dental practice and teaches clinical and theoretical dental hygiene classes in local universities. She is passionate about providing dental health education and, via her podcast “Tooth or Dare,” showcases other dental health professionals who are doing amazing things in the industry.

Best Orthodontists to Follow on Instagram

16. Patrice Smith, DDS

  • Handle: Dr_UnOrthoDoc
  • Followers: 13K
  • Website:
  • Description: When this multi - passionate orthodontist is not creating beautiful smiles, she is blogging, traveling, or creating fabulous candles for her UnOrthoDoc Candle company. Dr. Smith aims to educate and inspire others to live purposeful and balanced lives while also developing financial maps to success. Originally from Jamaica, she now owns a private practice in Washington, DC.

17. Dr. Grant Collins, DDS, MS

  • Handle: TheBracesGuy
  • Followers: 309K
  • Website:
  • Description: Known as “The Braces Guy,” Dr. Collins provides fun and educational videos regarding dental health and braces in all his social media forums. He is best known for “how - to” videos in which he demonstrates how to place and remove braces, and shows various brace color patterns and designs that are based on movies and popular television shows.

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Originally published on Jun 02, 2022.

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