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Brian Mckay

Brian McKay has his master’s degree in business administration from Boise State University. He is a professional writer, marketing strategist, and business consultant who loves helping realtors sell more homes.

best apps for real estate agents and brokers

33 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

We have navigated today’s top-rated apps and made this list of the best. Here’s to a year of creating more efficiency, gaining more clients, and closing more deals!

woman in front of camera talking about the best dentist and dental hygienist influencers

The Best Dentist & Hygienist Influencers

No matter whether you are a TikTok or Instagram user, this list provides the dentist and hygienist influencers who are making a difference in the world of dentistry. Make sure to follow them!

occupational therapist on yoga mat

The 19 Best Occupational Therapy Apps

We scoured the internet and found the 19 best apps that will help you stay up-to-date with all the goings on in the occupational therapy industry.

woman listening to best podcasts for therapists on phone

The 25 Best Podcasts for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals

We compiled popular podcasts for therapists. Here are the 25 best podcasts.

physical therapist assessing foot injury | best physical therapy blogs

The 12 Best Physical Therapy Blogs & Vlogs

Whether working to stay in-the-know, wanting to continue your education, or just seeing how other PTs work, here are the best blogs & vlogs in the business!

best real estate tools for brokers

The Best Real Estate Tools for Agents & Brokers

We searched the internet for recommendations for the trending tech tools that help manage their businesses the most. Here's what we found.