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The 30 Best Nurse Social Media Accounts to Follow in 2021

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For better or worse, social media is a huge part of our lives. And while you may long for the days when you weren’t tethered to your phone, there are some advantages to embracing the world of social media in both your professional and personal lives.

For instance, you can use social media for professional networking, for motivating yourself when you've hit a wall, and even for educating yourself in your chosen specialty. But perhaps the most important benefit of all is connecting with other people who just get it. Because, sometimes, all you can do is laugh to survive in this career.

No matter what social platform you prefer to use, we found the 30 best nursing accounts across the following 5 channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

These influencers have the greatest followings and are all actively sharing excellent content for nursing students, seasoned pros, and entrepreneurs alike!

The 6 Best Nursing Accounts on Facebook

1. The Inspiration Nurse

  • Run By: Donna Cardillo, MA, RN, CSP, FAAN
  • Handle: @DonnaCardilloRN
  • Followers: 7.1K
  • Website:
  • Description: Cardillo travels the world, speaking about nursing and offering inspiration to help nurses reach their full potential. She shares that inspiration on this page by offering her own words, as well as strategies from nursing influencers around the globe.

2. Funny Nurses

  • Run By: Scrubs Magazine
  • Handle: @FunnyNurses
  • Followers: 1.8M
  • Website:
  • Description: True to its tagline, "Because sometimes, you've just gotta laugh," this page shares hilarious articles, videos, and memes to help you flex your funny bone.

3. The Gypsy Nurse

  • Run By: The Gypsy Nurse Team
  • Handle: @TheGypsyNurseFan
  • Followers: 46.8K
  • Website:
  • Description: Run by the popular travel nursing website of the same name, this Facebook page has become the #1 place for information, support, and advice for the travel nursing industry. Whether you're a seasoned travel nurse or thinking about making the switch, you'll find that this feed is packed to the brim with highly informative content that covers every possible topic related to travel nursing. On top of the articles they share, The Gypsy Nurse crew also makes sure to host regular Facebook Live interviews with industry experts and share the latest job postings.

4. Surviving Nursing School With Nurse Angie

  • Run By: "Nurse Angie," BSN, RN
  • Handle: N/A
  • Members: 92K
  • Website:
  • Description: If you’re a nursing student looking for some help and support along the way, or if you’re a veteran nurse wanting to impart your knowledge, you should consider joining Nurse Angie’s Facebook group. According to Angie, the group offers nursing students plenty of opportunity to connect with other nursing students and educators with weekly live chats, feeds, NCLEX prep, and pre-nursing education sessions. As an added bonus, the group even features free tutoring. The only thing to note is that this is a private Facebook group, so if you're interested in joining, you'll need to answer a few screening questions and be admitted in.

*5. Straight A Nursing

  • Run By: "Nurse Mo," MSN, RN
  • Handle: @straightanursingstudent
  • Followers: 9.6K
  • Website:
  • Description: This Facebook page is an expansion of "Nurse Mo's" educational blog of the same name and has become a go-to resource for both nursing students and seasoned pros alike. The page is packed to the gills with comprehensive content that covers every possible topic you could ever want to learn about, from study guides and lecture notes to industry articles and bite-sized factoids you can scan while you're on the go. On top of all that, you'll also find links to Nurse Mo's Facebook Live events and the latest episodes of the Straight A Nursing podcast. No matter whether you're trying to get through nursing school or just continue your education on your own time, you'll find all the information you need right here.

6. YogaHealth Nurse

  • Run By: Lindsay Pemble
  • Handle: @yogahealthnurse
  • Followers: 1.2K
  • Website:
  • Description: Pemble has dedicated her blog and Facebook page to teaching yoga to stressed-out nurses. According to her bio, her "mission is to give all nurses preventative healthcare designed around a yoga practice rooted in theory, training, and education.Through the YHN self-care prescription of yoga movement, breathwork and mindfulness, you will transform your Nurse-life!" To this end, she runs regular Facebook Live events, shares links to her live virtual yoga classes, and posts plenty of shorter videos that walk you through different yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Her feed is also jam-packed with inspirational memes and stories, too.

The 6 Best Nursing Accounts on Instagram

1. Kati Kleber

  • Run By: Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, CCRN-K
  • Handle: @kati_kleber
  • Followers: 31.3K
  • Website:
  • Description: Kleber is an author, nurse, educator, and host of the FreshRN podcast. Along with cute pics and videos from her life, she also regularly posts reminders about different podcast topics and funny/inspirational/helpful nursing memes.

2. Mommy Labor Nurse

  • Run By: Liesel Teen, RN
  • Handle: @mommy.labornurse
  • Followers: 318K
  • Website:
  • Description: Teen is a labor and delivery nurse who posts memes, videos, and education for nurses and moms-to-be alike. Her Instagram account, in particular, is dedicated to providing parents with access to online prenatal courses so they can make informed decisions at every step of the birthing journey.

3. Nurse Blake

  • Run By: "Nurse Blake," BSN, RN
  • Handle: @nurse.blake
  • Followers: 724K
  • Website:
  • Description: If you're looking for nursing humor, look no further than Nurse Blake's Instagram page. He has has become a "household name" within the nursing industry, known best for his satirical posts about daily life as a nurse that are simultaneously hilarious and 100% accurate. Though his account primarily focuses on light-hearted humor and satire, Nurse Blake does an excellent job of weaving in posts that address more serious topics, too -- some of the more recent ones discuss the importance of combating racism in healthcare and encouraging nurses to move beyond the "nurses eat their young" trope. Enjoy his self-made nursing memes and videos to bring some levity to your day.

4. The Résumé RX

  • Run By: Amanda, NP
  • Handle: @theresumerx
  • Followers: 18.9K
  • Website:
  • Description: As the name suggests, The Résumé RX originally started out as a career blog and has become the go-to resource for nurses and APRNs looking for any résumé-, cover letter-, and/or interview-related help. Run by NP Amanda, the Résumé RX Instagram account has over 18K followers and shares bite-sized tips, hacks, and inspirational content that will help you navigate the job hunt with ease.

5. The Six Figure Travel Nurse

  • Run By: Sarah Gaines, MSN, RNC-OB
  • Handle: @sarah_gaines
  • Followers: 18K
  • Website:
  • Description: Gaines is a travel nurse and started The Six Figure Travel Nurse account as a way to educate and empower nurses to “maximize their income, work less, and travel more.” She posts a lot of solid and actionable content, mostly focused on career tips and hacks, but what probably makes her account so popular are all the beautiful photos she takes during her travels. If you follow her account, you'll also be able to get all the inspirational content she shares, along with alerts for any upcoming courses she's offering on how to become a travel nurse.

6. Sherry Lin, RN

  • Run By: Sherry Lin, BSN, RN
  • Handle: @sherry.lin.rn
  • Followers: 4.2K
  • Website:
  • Description: Sherry Lin is an aesthetic nurse (having recently made the switch from the NICU) and shares her experiences working in the cosmetic/aesthetic nursing industry in Los Angeles. Along with her posts about nurse life in LA, she also shares pics of her super cute corgi and fun TikTok cross-shares.

The 5 Best Nursing Accounts on LinkedIn

1. Dan Weberg

  • Run By: Dan Weberg, PhD, RN
  • Followers: 8.5K
  • Website:
  • Description: Weberg is the head of clinical innovation at Trusted Health and works as an author and keynote speaker around the world. Weberg also hosts the Handoff podcast, where he talks about trends impacting the medical industry. He offers his own words of wisdom and support, as well as posts of his podcast episodes, featuring other nursing and healthcare influencers.

2. Lippincott

  • Run By: Lippincott NursingCenter Team
  • Followers: 52.5K
  • Website:
  • Description: This is the LinkedIn account for the popular nursing publication NursingCenter. On it, they share everything from first-person stories from real-life nurses and CE updates to important industry news that affect all nursing specialties.

3. Renee Thompson - The Workplace Bullying Expert

  • Run By: Renee Thompson, DNP, RN
  • Followers: 10.4K
  • Website:
  • Description: Thompson is the CEO and founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute and works with organizations to eradicate bullying and incivility in healthcare work environments. Her posts focus on sharing practical information that aims to educate both nurses and nurse leaders about workplace bullying, as well as ways to prevent it and establish more supportive work environments. She also shares content from other nursing influencers and industry news.


  • Run By: Team
  • Followers: 26.5K
  • Website:
  • Description: Looking for a job? Then make sure to follow this account so you can get job postings pushed to your feed on an hourly basis. RNJobSite publishes jobs in every area and state across the U.S.

5. Dr. Tiffany Kelley

  • Run By: Tiffany Kelley, PhD, MBA, RN
  • Followers: 16K
  • Website:
  • Description: Kelley is the DeLuca Visiting Professor Innovation & New Knowledge at the University of Connecticut's School of Nursing. She's also the founder and CEO of Nightingale Apps & iCare Nursing Solutions. an author, speaker, professor, and healthcare entrepreneur. According to her bio, "Dr. Kelley is the first nurse in the United States to be appointed as a Visiting Professor dedicated to integrating innovation into the nursing curriculum across degree programs. By preparing our nursing students and current nurses advancing their education with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes toward innovative behaviors and culture, we hold the potential to drive significant positive change in the profession of nursing and healthcare at large."

The 7 Best Nursing Accounts on Pinterest

1. Adventures of a Nurse

  • Run By: Carla
  • Handle: @adventuresnurse
  • Followers: 66K
  • Monthly Viewers: 5.8M
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Bringing you Health&Wellness, Entertainment, and Tried and True Recipes Featuring the Best Instant Pot & Sous Vide Recipes."
  • Description: The majority of pins on this page are some of the best recipes for easy air fryer and Instant Pot meals — things that are quick and simple for nurses on the go. Check out recipes like IP pierogi casserole or air fryer chicken cordon bleu poppers.

2. Nurse Nacole

  • Run By: Nicole Riccaboni, MSN, MBA, APRN
  • Handle: @coronarykid
  • Followers: 14K
  • Monthly Viewers: 178.5K
  • Website:
  • Bio: N/A
  • Description: Riccaboni has already established a reputation for herself as one of the most prolific and popular nursing bloggers around. Now, she’s becoming one of the most well-known nursing influencers around, too. Though she runs a number of channels on other social media platforms, her Pinterest account is truly one to behold. There, you’ll be able to find helpful and informative resources for almost any topic you could want to know about. Whether you’re looking for technical expertise, book reviews, career advice, or sweet deals on gear and apparel, you’ll find everything you could ever possibly need right on her Pinterest page.

3. The Nerdy Nurse

  • Run By: Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN
  • Handle: @thenerdynurse
  • Followers: 75K
  • Monthly Viewers: 933.4K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate. Blogger at Find pins for nurses, nursing student, nerds, and more!"
  • Description: Wilson is the founder of The Nerdy Nurse blog and uses her Pinterest page as an other channel to share all the information any nurse could ever want to have. Her posts cover a healthy mix of highly professional and "nerdy" topics (e.g., technical nursing issues, career advice, healthcare/nursing/health tech trends), as well as fun, almost light-hearted topics too (e.g., nursing products/apparel, personal branding, social media tips, lifestyle). The audience is varied and includes nurses, nursing students, physicians, healthcare professionals, and the general public.

4. Mother Nurse Love

  • Run By: Sarah, RN
  • Handle: @mothernurselove
  • Followers: 4K
  • Monthly Viewers: 314.2K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Create your best nurse mom life! Nurse self care & burnout advice, motherhood tips and tricks, working mom life balance and how to start a nurse blog."
  • Description: If you’re a mom and a nurse, this account is for you. Sarah's goal (both for her blog and social accounts) is to help other nurse moms make life easier for themselves. So, she shares a lot of content that focuses on topics like nurses' health, managing nurse burnout, work-life balance, being a working mom, breastfeeding during 12-hour shifts, and money goals. Her boards are jam-packed with quick and dirty tips, hacks, and nursing product recommendations to help you thrive as a nurse and working parent.

5. Nurse Jamie

  • Run By: "Nurse Jamie"
  • Handle: @NurseJamieLA
  • Followers: 28K
  • Monthly Viewers: 419.6K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Celebrity Skin Expert • Registered Nurse • Founder of Nurse Jamie Skin Care • Owner of Beauty Park Spa • Beauty Diva on ExtraTV • Mother of Triplets"
  • Description: "Nurse Jamie" is a celbrity skin care expert and beauty spa owner. Her page features tons of content on skin care regimines, as well as tips and tricks for keeping your epithelial cells happy and happy. She also regularly pins things like celebrities trying out her beauty products, including Lisa Rinna and Ashley Tisdale.

6. Nursing SOS | Nursing School Study Tips + Motivation

  • Run By: Christina Rafano, RN
  • Handle: @nursingsos
  • Followers: 45K
  • Monthly Viewers: 1.3M
  • Website:
  • Bio: "I help whole-hearted RN students get better grades and succeed in nursing school."
  • Description: Rafano's goal is to help nursing students succeed in nursing school, so she shares a ton of educational content geared toward helping them study for and ace their exams. In addition to offering a free resource library, she pins things like how to study for online classes and motivation for managing your study time.

7. Scrubs Magazine

  • Run By: Scrubs Magazine Editorial Team
  • Handle: @scrubsmagazine
  • Followers: 41K
  • Monthly Viewers: 1.7M
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Scrubs is the one and only site that’s 100% about nurses and the specific joys and challenges you face because of the noble career you chose."
  • Description: Similar to the show (yet no affiliation), this account is throwing down nurse style, laughs, and plenty of inspiration.

The 6 Best Nursing Acounts on Twitter


  • Run By: Team
  • Handle: @allnurses
  • Followers: 22.1K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Nursing Community with millions of nurses networking with other nurses each month."
  • Description: You're probably very familiar with the website, which offers tons of forums and informative content that's created by nurses, for nurses. This is their official Twitter account and is dedicated to highlighting all of the most popular content that's published by their community. Followers love the account because they can easily see what kinds of topics are being discussed in the AllNurses forums on a daily basis and -- even join in on the conversations if they feel like it. The feed also posts important news updates for RNs and NPs, features user questions and feedback, and even job postings.

2. Nurses Association

  • Run By: The American Nurses Association Team
  • Handle: @ANANursingWorld
  • Followers: 117.6K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "We are the national professional association advocating for registered nurses & the patients they serve. #EndNurseAbuse"
  • Description: This is the official Twitter account of the American Nurses Association. If you want to stay up to date on important legislation, policies, and news that will affect your career as a nurse, you should consider giving this account a follow today.

3. Monica McLemore

  • Run By: Monica McLemore PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN
  • Handle: @mclemoremr
  • Followers: 18.5K
  • Website:
  • Bio: Badass thinker, RN, scientist, geek, wino. Repro Justice. Tweets mine. GenX she/her @aphasrh @ACTIONSincubat1 @prioritystudy @cerish_ucsf #AssociateProf #FIVE"
  • Description: McLemore is an associate professor in the Family Health Care Nursing Department and an affiliated scientist with Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco. In addition to maintaining clinical practice at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, she also conducts regular research focused on understanding reproductive health, rights, and justice. McLemore’s work on initiatives such as the Black Mamas Matter Alliance are advancing the dire and important cause of addressing the unacceptably high rates of maternal morbidity of black women.

4. Nurse Barb

  • Run By: Barbara Dehn, NP
  • Handle: @NurseBarbDehn
  • Followers: 29.2K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Barb is an award winning author and TV health expert, who posts on"
  • Description: Dehn is a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, award-winning author, and a nationally recognized health expert. Her posts span a variety of topics, including women's reproductive health, and provide people with actionable tips and informaton that they can apply to their own lives. She also shares content from other nursing/medical accounts, too.

5. Andrew Lopez, RN

  • Run By: Andrew Lopez, RN
  • Handle: @nursefriendly
  • Followers: 15.2K
  • Website:
  • Bio: "Registered Nurse, Nurse Entrepreneur, Social Media Consultant, #NursesTakeDC Supporter, #Healthcare #Tweetchat #Enthusiast, Ask us :)"
  • Description: Lopez is a social media consultant out of New Jersey. He uses his Twitter account primarily to share news about current events and the latest nursing industry trends, as well as reshare content from other nursing influencers.

6. Nurse Savage

  • Run By: Brenna Savage, MSN, RN, CNL, CCRN
  • Handle: @OnlyintheICU
  • Followers: 18.8K
  • Website: N/A
  • Bio: "Brenna Savage MSN RN CNL CCRN #OneSentenceShift #OnlyintheICU #TVmedicalWTF #HospitalGhostStories #TweetRN #PMA (she/her/hers)"
  • Description: This nurse tweets about all things healthcare, and isn't afraid to share her real, honest-to-goodness opinions about what's going on. Her posts mostly focus on her experiences working day and night shifts in the ICU, but she's also no stranger to voicing her opinions on current political events too. She also retweets articles and threads from other reputable healthcare influencer accounts.

Social Media Guidelines for Nurses: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

While social media is commonplace in everyday life these days, it’s worth remembering that anything online is part of the public domain. Because of this, posting anything on social media about either your personal and/or professional lives does carry some inherent risk -- and that's especially true if you work in healthcare. We know that you know about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and we know that you know that violating HIPAA has serious repercussions, not the least of which is losing your job or paying hefty fines (up to $500,000 per violation). But what some may not know is that, in some severe cases, violating HIPAA could also involve serious jailtime, too.

Bottom line: As a medical professional who uses social media, you have to commit to keeping your posts professional. So, whether you’re interested in growing your business's social presence or simply interacting with others, just be sure to keep these official tips from the American Nurses Association in mind:

  • Tip #1: Never share any information that could identify a patient, coworker, or patient’s family member.
  • Tip #2: Do not share any information or photos that have resulted from the patient-nurse relationship.
  • Tip #3: Avoid blurring professional boundaries by “friending” or otherwise engaging with patients online.
  • Tip #4: Don’t use employer networks to access social media.
  • Tip #5: Make it a rule not to post anything you wouldn’t say in-person to your boss, coworkers, or patients.
  • Tip #6: Know and abide by your individual place of employment’s social media policies.
  • Tip #7: Try not to identify your place of employment online.
  • Tip #8: Do not make negative remarks about any patient, coworker, or family member online.
  • Tip #9: Consider using all available privacy filters for your own content to be shared with friends, to avoid the potential for misuse.
  • Tip #10: Use common sense and keep it professional.

Want to learn more? We've also written more extensively on the topic of HIPAA and social media - make sure to check out our article here.

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