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The 10 Best Physical Therapy Podcasts To Subscribe To Today

Whether you're looking for podcasts that cover industry news or topics within your specialty, you're bound to find one that you'll love on this list.

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As one of nearly 250,000 practicing physical therapists in the U.S., you know the field is always evolving. There are always ways to be inspired by new practices and techniques. But how? Big journals and conventions, sure. But how about podcasts? They’re a great way to learn more about your specialty, keep up with current trends, and listen to other great minds talk about the ins and outs of practicing as a physical therapist.

You have little time to waste — and podcasts offer a way to learn, laugh, and keep up with the times, simply by subscribing and listening on the way to or from work (or school). To help you find the cream of the crop, we listened, compared, and created this list of 10 of the best physical therapy podcasts to check out.


The Best Podcasts for Industry News & Trends

1) American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Podcasts

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  • Listen On: | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
  • What It Covers: Associated with the APTA, this series of podcasts gives solid and consistent information in many areas of physical therapy. It’s full of straight-laced information with no adult language, so your kids can be in the car while you listen. This isn’t the podcast that will help you blow off steam with potty language after a difficult shift, but it’s informative and thorough and tackles subjects like infant and child development, financial tips for PT students, and value-based care.

2) PT Inquest

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts
  • What It Covers: PT Inquest is described as an online journal club. With two hosts, JW Matheson and Erik Meira, this weekly show takes a close look at a published medical article. The hosts discuss ways to apply the best physical therapy techniques in real-life, day-to-day recovery scenarios. They also cover topics that are particularly relevant for specific types of PT practices, including orthopedic therapy, sports recovery, and those that treat patients with chronic pain. PT Inquest listeners love the way the show teaches critical thinking skills and stays on top of current trends.


The Best Podcasts for Physical Therapy Students & New Grads

3) GRADitude

  • Listen On: Anchor | Spotify
  • What It Covers: GRADitude is a podcast meant to inspire, educate, and empower PT graduate students by capturing valuable insights through the experiences of current students, recent graduates, and experienced health professionals. Episode topics include cannabis for physical therapy, the benefits of dance therapy, and getting through the cadaver lab. The podcast also provides a great amount of information on topics like managing student loan debt and reflecting back on your first year of PT school.

4) Duck Legs Podcast

  • Listen On: Spotify
  • What It Covers: Hosted by physiotherapy students looking for knowledge from already successful professionals, this podcast is built around a quote by Jacob Braude that says, “Always behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.” True to its name, this show goes “beneath the surface” and discusses the kinds of tips and tools listeners need to overcome challenges in the PT field. This podcast is equal parts funny and informative, and is big on speaking in plain English. That said, the language is definitely explicit and not work appropriate.


The Best Podcasts for Physical Therapy Business Owners

5) The Physical Therapy Business School Podcast

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts
  • What It Covers: The Physical Therapy Business School Podcast is dedicated to helping PTs become successful business owners. As such, its episodes are heavy on call-in questions and inspirational testimonials from others in the physical therapy field. The host, Paul Gough, is a former full-time PT for professional UK soccer players who turned his small practice into a successful business. On his show, Gough shares everything he knows about moving from a full-time PT to a successful business owner. Listeners rave about this podcast for the confidence boost it gives them as they pave their way to starting their own PT business, as well as for the insights they get to solve their own business problems. They love to listen to Gough’s interviews with like-minded PTs, and use the information they glean from each episode to guide them through the challenges they face in taking their own practices to the next level.

6) Physical Therapy Launchpad (PTLP)

  • Listen On: Stitcher Radio
  • What It Covers: Hosted by PTs Lincoln Kinkade and Chad Madden, PTLP provides the kind of information all private PT practice owners need to achieve success. With episodes about creating your business’ culture, the pros and cons of corporate partnership, and the best ways to go about motivating your staff, Kinkade’s company (BreakThrough PT Marketing) helps you think more like a marketer when it comes to your PT business. Listeners also enjoy getting insights into more progressive topics, such as watching a patient become addicted to opioids and what PTs can do to address the situation in their own line of work.


The Best Podcasts for Pediatric Physical Therapy Specialists

7) The Working Therapist: A Podcast With Haden Boliek

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher Radio |
  • What It Covers: Haden Boliek founded Pediatric Developmental Therapy (PDT) with a focus on providing quality speech, occupational, and physical therapy services to children. As part of her mission, Boliek uses her podcast to provide other therapists and parents with the tools and strategies they need to bring healthy therapeutic principles into the home. Episodes include “Promoting Head Control in Infants” and “Moving From Meltdowns to Single Words.”

8) Pediatric Physical Therapy Podcast

  • Listen On: The Pediatric PT Website
  • What It Covers: Also hosted by the APTA and the Journal of Pediatric Physical Therapy, this 30-to-45-minute podcast focuses on anything from pain relief to structured exercise and bungee trampolining for children with cerebral palsy. The hosts — or co-authors, as they’re called — change from episode to episode, and the PT interviewees discuss new research and findings from some of the top universities and health clinics around the country.


The Best Podcasts for Sports Physical Therapy Specialists

9) The Sports Performance Podcast

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud | Spotify | Stitcher Radio
  • What It Covers: The Sports Performance Podcast explores all aspects of fitness, sports rehabilitation, and enhancing athletic performance. Strength and conditioning coaches, sports PTs, and industry professionals are featured weekly. This podcast delivers the latest information on preventing workout injuries, pain relief, and improving performance. The hosts, Dr. Chris Garcia and his performance team at Sports Performance Physical Therapy in San Diego, want athletes to stay healthy and continue to be active without injury. Listeners think that this podcast is full of information on the latest techniques and describe it as a great listen for beginners, as well as experienced athletes.

10) Sports Rehab Success Show

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify
  • What It Covers: This podcast focuses on helping sports clinicians and perfomance coaches by combining tips on physical therapy, athletic training, chiropractic practices, and personal training. By growing their knowledge within their area of focus — and others — the goal is to help sports therapists and coaches have meaningful impacts on their clients’ lives and a prosperous career. Listeners love the different guests and variety of subjects this podcast covers. With episodes titled “Bench Press Tips for Healthy Shoulders” and “Favorite Low Back Pain Exercises,” this podcast provides invaluable information that can help PTs better serve their patients in sessions, and athletes become more knowledgeable about the types of exercises they’re doing.

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