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Hannah Chenoweth is a contributing writer for Berxi. She is a Baltimore-based freelance writer who enjoys covering healthcare and human interest stories. Feel free to connect with her at hannahchenoweth.com.

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How to Write a Great Dentist Resume

Whether you’re a new grad fresh out of dental school or a seasoned pro, selling yourself can feel daunting. We consulted the pros on their essential “do’s” and “don’ts” — then followed their expert advice to create an example for inspiration.

occupational therapist holding yellow ball

What to Know About Occupational Therapy Certifications & Specialties

Learn more about the various certifications and specialties you can pursue as an OT, including the requirements, costs, and earning potential for each.

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40+ Crucial Questions Healthcare Pros Should Ask at the Job Offer Stage — and After

From asking about benefits, vacation, and insurance providers, to requesting more time to compare offers, here are tips on how and what to ask a potential employer.

risk management in physical therapy practices

Risk Management in Physical Therapy: 9 Ways to Minimize Risk in Your Practice

Learn the most common risks that PTs face⁠ on the job — and how to protect your patients and yourself from these potential hazards.

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National Nurses Week 2020: 7 Nurses Share What It Means to Be a Nurse Today

In honor of National Nurses Week, we asked nurses from all over the country to share their daily struggles and triumphs during these unprecedented times.

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How to Write a Dentist Cover Letter

Crafting a dentist cover letter doesn’t have to be soul-crushing! We’ll walk you through the steps that make the process painless from start to finish.