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Tiffanie Drayton

4 Articles

Here Are the 10 Best Physical Therapy Apps of 2019

These 11 smartphone apps will help you to simplify and streamline your responsibilities as a PT.

The 19 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents & Brokers in 2019

We asked 4 real estate experts to tell us what they think are the best apps for agents and brokers who are looking to up their game. Here’s what they had to say.

Buying Insurance From Brokers vs. Agents vs. Direct — What’s the Difference?

Help decide what’s the best for you by learning all the different ways you can buy insurance.

What To Do If You’re Subpoenaed To Be a Witness

What does it mean to be a witness in a co-worker’s lawsuit? Can you talk to your colleagues about it? How do you handle a subpoena? Here’s an overview, plus 11 tips for testifying as a witness.