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professional liability insurance definition

What Is Professional Liability Insurance? A Guide to Coverage, Costs, & More

All professionals face risk in their careers when they are dealing with patients, customers, or any consumer. It is important to recognize these potential risks and take steps to reduce them. One of these steps in Professional Liability Insurance.

Healthcare - Real-life Board Complaint

Real Story: How Berxi Supported a Licensing Board Complaint

A Berxi customer faces a licensing board complaint with the help of Berxi insurance and a Senior Claims Examiner

woman smiling at laptop in dark room debunking medical malpractice insurance myths

The 6 Most Common Myths About Medical Malpractice Insurance Debunked

Insurance can be confusing. You probably have a lot of questions and have heard a lot of different things about medical malpractice insurance. Berxi is here to help clear up some common myths.

woman smiling shaking other woman's hand | insurance claims team must-haves

What Makes a Great Professional Liability Insurance Claims Team?

As a busy professional, you want to make sure that if an insurance claim pops up, you’ve got the right team in place to handle it. Here are some suggestions to find the right professional liability insurance company (and claims team) to help when you need it most.

man in scrubs getting supplemental malpractice insurance

What Is Supplemental Malpractice Insurance?

Know what to look for in your employer’s policy — and what to ask — before you buy your own.

Woman in an orange blouse using an app on her smartphone.

The 12 Best Note-taking Apps

After checking with the experts, we identified the very best note-taking apps on the market today. We separated the wheat from the chaff to present the top 12 tools to assist you with taking, keeping, organizing, and sharing notes in 2023.

woman on phone looking at best free apps for small business owners

The Best Free Apps for Small Business Owners

The world is increasingly becoming more mobile. Don’t let your business be any different. Read on for apps that can help use your trusty smartphone to make your business keep running.

woman looking in the mirror in the bathroom preparing for a healthcare interview

How to Prepare for a Healthcare Job Interview

Going in for an interview can always be an unnerving situation. Healthcare is no exception. Don’t be caught unprepared in your next interview, and read on to learn ways to be prepared for might come your way.

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