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Corey Whelan

7 Articles

The 5 Best Free Note-Taking Apps of 2019

We interviewed six professionals to get their recommendations on the best note-taking apps. See what going digital can do for you in 2019.

The 8 Best Real Estate Podcasts for Brokers in 2019

Motivate and teach yourself and your team with the following list of podcasts, focused on all areas of growing your business.

Here Are the 10 Best Physical Therapy Blogs for 2019

Whether working to stay in-the-know, wanting to continue your education, or just seeing how other PTs work, here are the best blogs in the business!

The 16 Best Real Estate Tools Every Broker Needs To Have

We asked 9 real estate agents and brokers to share the tech tools they absolutely can't live without when it comes to running their businesses. Here's what they said.

Insurance 101 for Nurses & APNs

This guide contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about insurance, especially if you’re an RN, NP, or CRNA.

The 5 Best Free To-Do List Apps of 2019

We asked six pros to share their favorite apps that help them stay on task. Here are the top five they recommended, plus tips for finding the right app for your needs.

5-Minute Summary: Real Estate Social Media Marketing 101

We asked savvy real estate agents and marketing professionals to share their tips on how to use social media marketing to sell your brand — not just houses.