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29 Nursing Blogs (& Bloggers) You Need To Know About

Talented nurses everywhere blog about things like work, life, travel, and self-care. Here are the 29 best ones out there.

August 21, 2019

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The world is full of dedicated nurses and advanced practice nurses, as well as those nursing students who are working hard to join the ranks. Turns out the internet is full of them, too!

Nursing blogs are becoming an incredibly popular way for nurses to help, connect with, and inspire their peers. If you’re looking for study guides to get you through nursing school, there’s a blog for that. If you’re a travel nurse hoping for a kindred spirit, there are plenty of bloggers just for you. Sick of bullying in the workplace? You’ll find a blog that deals with just that, too.

To help you find the cream of the crop, we scoured the internet and pulled together this list of the top 29 nursing blog of all time, broken up into five different topic and audience categories. Below, you'll find the best blogs for:

  • Nursing Students & Recent Graduates
  • Nurse Leaders & Managers
  • Workplace & Life Advice
  • Different Specialties
  • Nursing Humor

We even added a bonus section of the six best nurse bloggers around. Without further ado, let's dive right in!


The 5 Best Blogs for Nursing Students & Recent Grads

1) FreshRN

FreshRN homepage

FreshRN was started by Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, to encourage and support new graduate nurses. Kleber says that when she first started, it took meeting other grads to realize they all felt the same: Overwhelmed and ill-prepared. So, she decided to start a blog that focuses on providing concise, straight-forward information to help new nurses quickly gain confidence in their abilities.

2) On the Pulse for Johns Hopkins Nursing

On the Pulse Homepage

Johns Hopkins Nursing is the magazine for their School of Nursing, and On the Pulse is its official blog. This blog covers all the latest nursing news and trends, such as how transgender patients should be treated and the importance of caregiver mental health.


NRSNG Homepage

Jon Haws is an RN who really wants to help you graduate from nursing school. Along with articles like “Nursing School Doesn’t Have To Kill You . . . (but it almost killed me),” Haws also sends out free weekly PDF cheat sheets full of indispensable info you need to know to excel in your program.

4) The Nurse Speak

The Nurse Speak Homepage

This blog features articles by the nation’s top nurse entrepreneurs, says nursing educator Damion Jenkins, who started the Nurse Speak in 2015. He blogs about mastering your nursing career and covers a variety of topics, including how to access career development programs and everything nurse writers need to know when starting out. In a recent post, Jenkins promised impressive content for 2019, including more videos and a downloadable study guide, which pair nicely with some of the more fun and inspirational content he provides, such as his article on “5 Ways Nursing Students Can Plan to Rock Nursing School.”

5) Straight A Nursing

Straight A Nursing Homepage

Straight A Nursing doesn’t just focus on nursing students -- it extends its reach to nurses who are either continuing their education or just love to learn and keep up with industry trends. Topic-specific podcast episodes are included with each post, covering things like nursing school clinicals or medical conditions like hypothyroidism and lupus.


The Best Blog for Nurse Leaders & Managers

6) Emerging RN Leader

Emerging RN Leader Homepage

This blog is dedicated to leaders in nursing, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s in management or on that path. The most recent post is a guide to management style, and one top post is all about planning your nursing leadership career.


The 6 Best Blogs for Workplace & #NurseLife Advice

7) Nurse Code

Nurse Code Homepage

Nurse Code blogger Beth Hawkes, MSN, RN-BC, says some of her favorite people are new nurses. As such, the content and self-help tools on this blog are meant to help nurses (and particularly new ones) thrive in their work. Nurse Code focuses on covering topics that are highly important and relevant to working practitioners, such as “Why Are Nurses So Exhausted?” and “7 Things You Can Do To Support Safe Staffing.”

8) Frugal Nurse

Frugal Nurse Homepage

The author of Frugal Nurse has a motto: “Be informed. Stay healthy. Save money.” Through her blog, she hopes to help ordinary families navigate what she calls a failing healthcare system. As such, she provides countless health-related and cost-saving posts that are informed by the author’s professional experience of 30 years in the industry.

9) NurseBuff

Nurse Buff Homepage

NurseBuff’s tagline is “the nursing humor and lifestyle blog.” True to their word, they offer plenty of informative nursing articles, but they also have posts like the “22 Funniest Pickup Lines from Real Patients.” They organize their posts by category, which is helpful if you want to find things like Nursing Quotes or How To’s with one click.

10) Daily Nurse

Daily Nurse Homepage

The Daily Nurse has a News page that publishes the latest nursing industry news, which the site says is written by the “most informed and respected journalists in healthcare.” Some of these same writers contribute to the Daily Nurse’s blog, which still posts a lot of industry news but also offers more personal anecdotes and light-hearted stories about nursing.

11) AJN Off the Charts

AJN Homepage

This is the official blog for the American Journal of Nursing and promises two to three new posts a week. Their content spans everything from industry news and research to controversial findings and personal stories. Off the Charts boasts contributors that include working nurses, professors, researchers, and even patients!

12) The Healthy Workforce Institute Blog

Healthy Workforce Institute Homepage

All the content on this blog focuses on nurse bullying and incivility in the workplace. They post a lot of “how-to” articles, such as “How to Deal With Disruptive, Rude Physicians” and “Using Curiosity to Deal with a Territorial Coworker.” The HWI also offers a lot of other resources on this site, including information on workshops and anti-bullying coaching.


The 7 Best Nursing Blogs by Specialty

Gerontological Nursing

13) Nursing Stories

Nursing Stories Homepage

The author of this blog, Marianna Crane, has 40 years’ worth of stories on being a nurse for the underserved elderly population in Chicago. She posts a lot of first-person accounts of her time in the field, as well as her thoughts on current events in nursing and healthcare. She writes to help overcome what she says is a hierarchy in the health industry that historically favors physicians and doesn’t give nurses the credit they truly deserve.

Holistic Nursing

14) Nursing From Within

Nursing From Within Homepage

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, HNB-BC, studied at Johns Hopkins and is a Reiki master. She created an educational program for Nurses Week called the Art of Nursing that she says inspires other nurses to take care of themselves and decrease their chances of burning out. Her article topics focus a lot on self-care, but she does cover more unconventional topics, as well, such as “Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs” and “How To Become a Health Coach as a Nurse.”

Oncology Nursing

15) ONS Voice

ONS Voice Homepage

This is the blog/newsroom page for the Oncology Nursing Society and features articles written by staff writers and working nurses in-the-know. Topics include industry and research news, as well as practical professional information and self-care tips.

School Nursing

16) Diary of a School Nurse

Diary of a School Nurse Homepage

This mom/nurse/educator/writer writes about her time as a school nurse. The School Nurse says she started the blog for fun and to share what works and what doesn’t work for her on the job. Her most recent post asks the question: “School Nurses - Does Their Compensation Match Their True Worth?” And another post talks about what school nurses will need to get organized ahead of the school year.

Travel Nursing

17) The Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse Blog

Staff and guest writers alike contribute to the Gypsy Nurse with informational articles and first-person posts, such as one writer’s account of being a travel nurse in the U.S. Virgin Islands during Hurricane Irma. But this is more than just a blog. They also have a very solid social media presence (including a Facebook following of about 30,000 likes) and offer a variety of resources for travel nurses, such as housing and job listings.

18) Travel Nursing Blog

Travel Nursing Blog Homepage

The blog offers great content for travel nurses at all levels of their career -- from those who are just getting started to more experienced nurses. They offer relatable posts like “13 Tips for Surviving Being a Mom and a Nurse.” The blog is just one component of their entire site, which serves as the “go-to destination for more than 100,000 nurses.” It offers guides to get started in the field, FAQ pages, housing listings, and more.

19) American Traveler Travel Nursing Blog

American Traveler Homepage

American Traveler, an employment agency for travel nurses and other traveling medical professionals, has dubbed its blog as the “official” blog for travel nurses. In it, you’ll find content ranging from trending nurse news, informational 101-type articles, featured nurse spotlights, and fun listicle-style pieces like “3 Travel Nursing Locations Whose Beauty Will Knock Your Socks Off.”


The Best Blog for Nursing Humor

20) GomerBlog

Gomer Blog Homepage

This blog is basically “The Onion” for nurses. They post relatable and funny stories like “NASA Nurses Still Awaiting Callback from Extraterrestrial Docs” and “Ultra Breaking News: Patient Doesn’t Want Turkey Sandwich.” It’s fun to keep up with their posts on the site, as well as on their social accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The 9 Best Nurse Bloggers Around

21) Nurse Alice

Nurse Alice Homepage

Nurse Alice started her nursing journey caring for her father, and she’s since become a mother, educator, author, and speaker, among other things. Her blog covers a variety of topics, including wellness tips, recipes, family and parenting tools, and other resources for a healthy work/life balance. You can also find her on TV and radio shows, talking about much of the same content she posts on her blog.

22) The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse Homepage

Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, is the Nerdy Nurse. Her blog focuses on nursing and tech, and her audience spans everyone from nursing students to full-time healthcare workers to the general public. She’ll talk about things like the best shoes for nurses in 2019, as well as the must-have tech gadgets for nurses. Wilson even includes some handy resources for starting your own nursing blog.

23) Off the Clock Nurse

Off the Clock Nurse Homepage

This blog is subtitled “The Adventures of a 30-Something Single Nurse Who Just Needed a Damn Vacation.” Leah is a traveling OR nurse who’s worked in 24 countries across seven continents over three years (and counting.) Her last few posts have been from places like the Philippines, Oregon, Napa Valley, Antarctica, and Machu Picchu. The photos and videos in her posts from exotic locales are a great escape from the day-to-day of the nursing grind.

24) Nurse Jess

Nurse Jess Homepage

Nurse Jess is Jessica Chang, MS, CRNA, who says she writes her blog to provide some insight into the world of CRNAs. She writes a lot about self-care and self-awareness, as you can tell by some of her more popular posts like “Words Create Reality,” “The Speed of Trust,” and “Sticking Up for Yourself.” Posts happen sporadically, as this is a largely personal blog, but the content is poignant and a good read for other CRNAs or nurses in general.

25) Kathy Quan of The Nursing Site

The Nursing Site Homepage

Kathy Quan has been an RN for more than 35 years, and she’s also a published author in her field. She’s a home health and hospice nurse who focuses much of her blog on providing uplifting and inspiring content to her fellow nurses. Quan celebrated Nurse’s Week by publishing a new post each day that highlighted various benefits available to nurses that week, such as free apps, webinars, and where to look online for nurse freebies and discounts.

26) Nurse Nacole

Nurse Nacole Homepage

Nacole Riccaboni is an RN whose blog offers her take on nursing and her expertise to the nursing community. Nurse Nacole posts a nursing tip of the day every day, and she hosts one podcast and co-hosts another, both of which are also available from her blog. She’s also about to start on the path toward earning a DNP, which is a unique journey to follow for any other nurses who might be considering that route.

27) Nurse Blake

Nurse Blake Homepage

Nurse Blake’s blog site is a good, informational read full of nursing support and inclusivity, but most people come for his social presence (“1,000,000 nurses and nursing students” follow him, he says) or for NurseCon -- the Ultimate Nursing Conference. Nurse Blake started this conference himself and, in 2019, will be held on a cruise ship and apparently sold out in two minutes, according to one of his Instagram posts.

28) Donna Cardillo

Donna Cardillo homepage

Donna Cardillo, RN, is the “Inspiration Nurse.” She’s a writer who travels the world speaking to help professionals -- whether nurses or otherwise -- to reach their full career potential. On top of all this, she runs two blogs: “Motivation Cafe” and “Nurse Power!” Motivation Cafe is an uplifting blog with a more personal touch, including posts like “Age Is a State of Mind: 4 Ways to Stay Young at Heart.” Nurse Power! is Cardillo’s second blog, which is full of great informational content for nurses, such as questions to prepare yourself to answer in a job interview or the right amount of notice to give when resigning from a position.

29) Nurse Keith

Nurse Keith Homepage

Nurse Keith has been regularly writing his Digital Doorway blog since 2005. In addition to writing, he also provides holistic career coaching and hosts the Nurse Keith Show podcast, which you can find on his blog site. Recent posts include topics like resisting change in the workplace, ways to build a network of nurse allies, and questioning whether your nursing career is on autopilot.

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