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The 18 Best Nursing Podcasts

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Whether you’re looking to blow off steam after a long shift, need insights and advice from other nurses, or even if you’re a nursing student looking for the perfect specialty, nursing podcasts are a great resource. A podcast can keep you company on the drive to and from work, reduce the monotony of doing chores, or make you laugh while on a run. We compiled this list of nursing podcasts you should check out, using ratings on podcast platforms, top 10 lists, and web forum/social media reviews.

Below, you'll find the best nursing podcasts for:

  • Different Specialties
  • New Nurses
  • Nursing Students
  • Nursing Career Advice
  • Medical Information
  • Nursing Humor

The 3 Best Nursing Podcasts by Specialty

1. The Oncology Nursing Podcast

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Associated with the national oncology membership group ONS and the American Cancer Society, this podcast features nurses discussing their real experiences treating patients with cancer. The nurses and other practitioners who subscribe to this podcast say it’s helpful and a great resource for those treating patients with cancer. Listeners particularly seem to like the emphasis on new research and modern therapies.

2. GeriPal: A Geriatrics and Palliative Care Podcast

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Hosted by Alex Smith and Eric Widera, this podcast invites the best minds in geriatric science, hospice, and palliative care to talk about everything from recently published research to the horror stories that make nurses cringe. GeriPal may get a little technical, but it promises that listeners will laugh, learn, and maybe sing along.

3. BrainWaves: A Neurology Podcast

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | PlayerFM | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Focused on the academics, this podcast educates medical providers using real clinical cases and reviews in neurological medicine. Most podcasts here are shorter than 30 minutes but full of very useful information that isn’t always overly technical. The topics are put in real-world scenarios, plus it offers information on clinical trials and the latest medical advances in the industry.

The Best Podcast for New Nurses

4. FreshRN

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | FreshRN | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Full disclosure: This podcast hasn't been updated since March 2018. However, the reason why we're including it on this list is because in its hayday, co-hosts Kati Kleber, BSN, RN, CCRN, Elizabeth Mills, BSN, RN, CCRN, and Melissa Stafford, BSN, RN, CCRN, SCRN, churned out three seasons worth of excellent and highly relevant content that caters specifically to the first-year nurse. From time management to handling patient death, the hosts offer tips and personal experiences to help with the kinds of challenges new nurses face. These episodes can get a little lengthy (many are more than an hour long), but most reviewers gave the podcast a five-star rating because it’s so informative and topical.

The 3 Best Nursing Student Podcasts

5. FreshNP

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | PlayerFM
  • Why You'll Love It: Though it hasn't been updated for some time, we included it on our list because listeners have consistently raved about how informative and topical the podcasts' episodes are - even for today's nurses. Co-hosted by Kleber and Sean Dent, MSN, ACNP-BC, this is a comprehensive show that covers the special issues and experiences of nursing students and first-year nurse practitioners, such as bedside manner and choosing the right degree. What’s great is that FreshNP is a full service website that not only hosts the podcast, but also has a nursing blog, podcast archives (so visitors won’t miss any information), and a question-and-answer forum.

6. Real Talk School of Nursing

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | PlayerFM | Podbean | Spotify
  • Why You’ll Love It: This podcast covers the kinds of topics that nurses don’t necessarily learn in nursing school. All the frustrations and feels are discussed here in a frank and casual manner. Managed by Michael Smith, the Real Talk podcast publishes episodes often, and he isn’t afraid to discuss the awkward and unpleasant subjects pertaining to nursing school. The Real Talk School of Nursing encourages feedback and listener questions by email with an emphasis on the difficulty of dealing with the distractions during nursing school, not just nursing school itself.

7. Nursing School Struggles by NRSNG

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Podbean | Stitcher
  • Why You’ll Love It: The NRSNG website has several podcasts (e.g., Scrubcheats by NRSNG; MedMaster Podcast; Nursing Podcast by NRSNG), but one in particular — the “Nursing School Struggles” — covers the nitty-gritty of nursing school from a clinical perspective. With topics like “Confidence Before Nursing School Clinical Skills Tests” and “Getting Nervous to Push IV Meds and Start IVs,” this series delivers the specifics of the hands-on life of a nurse. The tone is serious but accessible, with the goal of ending the nursing labor shortage and decreasing demand for new nurses. Most of these podcasts are short and sweet (under 10 minutes) with pertinent information that’s easily understood.

The 3 Best Nursing Podcasts for Career Advice

8. The Nurse Keith Show

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | PlayerFM | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Hosted by career coach Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC, this podcast features interviews with top nurses about the day-to-day issues nurses face. Topics include work/life balance, conquering self-doubt, nurse employee retention, and many more. Carlson is inspirational and down-to-earth, and as a coach, he cares about the quality of life for practicing nurses. He’s also been in the radio business for some time as the founder of RNFM Radio.

9. Nurse Talk

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Nurse Talk Website | Podbean | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: This podcast features a different nurse host for each episode and focuses on navigating the different aspects of a nursing career in practical ways and using real-life scenarios. There are episodes on understanding the Affordable Care Act, on the state of American health care, and the national Medicare-for-all movement. The conversational tone of these episodes makes them easy to listen to and connect with each guest host.

10. Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast for Nurses and Nursing Students

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Host Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, has dedicated her podcast to discussing topics like expanding a nursing career and how to make the most out of the busy nursing life. The website is bright, navigable, and chock full of helpful information that will make visitors return again and again for inspiration and solid nursing information.

The 3 Best Medical Podcasts for Nurses

11. Stat Sisters

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | | Soundcloud
  • Why You'll Love It: Though now defunct, this podcast is a really fun listen. Hosted by two sisters, Erin Caywood and Carrie Halsey, they cover topics that range from career and nursing school advice to addiction treatment and the pros and cons of various specialties. And you can’t NOT love the occasional fun Harry Potter reference during their shows.

12. The Nursing Show

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Host Jamie Davis is a nationally recognized medical educator who covers a wide range of topics and offers great commentary. You’ll hear nursing news, up-to-date medication info, insights on trends and events, and interviews with guest nurses. Davis fits a ton into each episode, making sure to give his audience a range of topics. For nurses, it’s informative and helpful. But really, it’s great for anyone who’s interested in medical content.

13. Medical Spanish

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | | PlayerFM | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Medical Spanish helps nurses (and other healthcare professionals) gain a better medical vocabulary in Spanish and learn correct pronunciation so they can better understand native Spanish speakers. Host Dr. Molly Martin teaches medical Spanish lessons based on common clinical encounters and interviews with real patients and doctors. The lessons are interactive and review key vocabulary and grammar fundamentals, plus they also give you the chance to put what you learned into practice by having you interpret and translate phrases. Most of these episodes are free, but some require a paid subscription.

The 5 Funniest Nursing Podcasts

14. Nursing Uncensored

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: Nursing Uncensored provides education and advocacy with storytelling, sharing common experiences, and humorous reflection. Host Adrianne Behning has crafted Nursing Uncensored into a series of conversations that open up frank discussions about everything on the minds of nurses. She encourages both funny and more serious conversations about the joys and the difficulties nurses face in America. Warning: Behning has strong, sometimes inappropriate opinions that do not represent those of her employers and professional associations. NSFW.

15. Q the Nurse

  • Listen On: PlayerFM | Spotify | YouTube
  • Why You'll Love It: Q the Nurse is hosted by Swardiq “Q” Mayanja and profiles what the life and career of a male nurse is really like. Q the Nurse is funny and light with episodes titled, “Patient Bites Off Nurse’s Ear” and “Kanye Needs a Nurse.” Note: It looks like he's been focusing most of his energy on his Youtube account lately, so we recommend that you check out his podcasts first, then move on over to his Youtube channel to see all the new content he's putting out.

16. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Podbean | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: New episodes go live every Friday, in which the hosts Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy peruse “the odd, the weird, the wrong, the dumb, and the just gross” ways healthcare pros have tried to help people over the course of history. This one is definitely for nurses who need a belly laugh and can appreciate a fun attempt at combining wackiness with modern medicine.

17. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | | PlayerFM | Stitcher
  • Why You'll Love It: RNs Sam and Tina host this light-hearted, fun podcast in which they invite guests on who tell two medical-related stories, one heavy and serious and another that’s fun and uplifting. They also discuss current events and hot topics related to nursing and medicine as a whole. With more than 58,000 downloads, this podcast pulls visitors in with humor and accessibility balanced with current events and serious issues.

18. WTH Is on My Scrubs?

  • Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | WTH Is On My Scrubs
  • Why You'll Love It: WTH is hosted by Nurse JB, who shares hilarious and sometimes pathetic stories from those in the healthcare field. Not all stories are personal to the host, but they are all real cases. Many of the regular listeners love how they can identify with the stories and experiences Nurse JB shares.

Originally published on July 10, 2019.
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