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The 29 Best Nursing Blogs to Follow

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Nursing blogs are becoming an incredibly popular way for nurses to help, connect with, and inspire their peers. If you’re looking for study guides to get you through nursing school, there’s a blog for that. If you’re a travel nurse hoping for a kindred spirit, there are plenty of bloggers just for you. Sick of bullying in the workplace? You’ll find a blog that deals with that too.

The truth is that as more nurses turn to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and podcasting, it’s proving harder to find quality, regularly updated nurse blogs to read. So we scoured the internet, got recommendations from actual nurses, and pulled together a list of the top 30 nursing blogs and bloggers for 2023, broken up into six topic and audience categories:

  • Nursing Students & Recent Graduates
  • Nurse Leaders & Managers
  • Workplace & Life Advice
  • Best Blogs/Bloggers by Specialty
  • Nursing Humor
  • Most Popular General Nursing Bloggers

Without further ado, let's dive right in!

The Best Blogs for Nursing Students & Recent Grads

1. FreshRN


FreshRN was started by Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, to encourage and support new graduate nurses. Kleber says that when she first started, she continued to meet other grads who all felt the same as her: namely, overwhelmed and ill prepared. So she decided to start a blog that focuses on providing concise, straightforward information to help new nurses quickly gain confidence in their abilities.

2. The Nurse Speak

The Nurse Speak

First started in 2015 by nursing educator Damion Jenkins, the Nurse Speak blog features articles that focus on strategies for nursing success, nursing entrepreneurship, and NCLEX Prep. He blogs about mastering your nursing career and covers a variety of topics, including how to access career development programs and everything nurse writers need to know when starting out. Jenkins offers plenty of content, including videos and a downloadable study guide, which pair nicely with some of the more fun and inspirational content he provides, such as his article on “5 Ways Nursing Students Can Plan to Rock Nursing School.”

3. RegisteredNurseRN

Registered Nurse RN focuses on nursing education for all nurses. Regularly updating multiple platforms with its blog being the home base, Registered Nurse RN covers topics ranging from antibiotics, ABGs, and how to rock a nursing interview. The blog is updated consistently, with links to YouTube videos and other resources. There are links to Nursing Quizzes, NCLEX review, as well as a merchandise store.

4. Straight A Nursing

Straight A Nursing

Nurse Mo might already be in your Insta-feed, but you’ll want to make sure her Straight A Nursing blog (and website) is also part of your regular reading material. Not only focused on nursing students, Straight A extends to nurses who either are continuing their education or just love to learn and keep up with industry trends. Topic-specific podcast episodes are included with each post, covering things like nursing school clinicals or medical conditions like hypothyroidism and lupus. Key blog categories include Clinicals, Fundamentals, Maternal-Newborn, “Med-Surg,” Pediatrics, Pharmacology, and Pre-nursing. And Nurse Mo has strategies, 101s, and deep dives on what it’s like to be a nurse in each field.

5. The Résumé Rx

The Résumé Rx

Amanda is a nurse practitioner of eight-plus years who created this site to help other medical professionals with their résumés and career strategies. Her blog focuses on content — text and video — for recent graduates to get a leg up in their job searches. Her blog posts cover job-related topics like setting goals to help you advance in your career, as well as more self-care topics like her gift guide to show the nurses in your life just how much they’re appreciated.

6. Nurse Advocate

Anne Llewellyn, RN-BD, MS, draws experience from being both a nurse, case manager, patient advocate, and ultimately a patient herself. Her blog posts include content as diverse as how to best teach patients, nursing-focused book reviews, and discussion of current events. Llewellyn is a board-certified case manager and nurse advocate, helping patients navigate the complex medical system as it stands today. She has an entire page of resources for nurses looking to gain their Case Management certification, as well as enter the field of nurse advocacy. With speaking engagements all over the country, she has proven to be a highly sought-after thought leader in the field and updates her blog regularly.

The Best Blogs for Nurse Leaders & Managers

7. Emerging RN Leader

Emerging RN Leader

This blog is dedicated to leaders in nursing, so it’s perfect for anyone who currently works in management or is going down that path. Emerging RN Leader covers a ton of leadership-related topics, such as management styles and career planning. The website has sections on books for leaders, the blog is regularly updated, and there are also workshops and webinars on leadership available.

8. DiversityNursing

DiversityNursing is a job platform designed to help you find your next job, regardless of location or specialty. This blog is a wealth of information on a variety of topics related to all things nursing: avoiding burnout, nursing as a second career, medication errors, and much more. DiversityNursing also has links to many helpful resources like the National Black Nurses Association, Transcultural Nursing Society, and the American Assembly for Men in Nursing.

The Best Blogs for Workplace & Life Advice

9. NurseBuff


NurseBuff’s tagline is “the nursing humor and lifestyle blog.” True to its word, it offers plenty of informative nursing articles, but it also has posts like the “25 Funniest Pickup Lines from Real Patients.” It organizes posts by category, which is helpful if you want to find things like famous nursing quotes or “how-tos” with one click.

10. DailyNurse


The DailyNurse tagline is “The pulse of nursing,” and its blog covers topics ranging from nursing interviews to the best books for nurses to nursing side hustles. The DailyNurse has a news page that publishes content on all the latest nursing industry news and trends, which the site says is written by the “most informed and respected journalists in healthcare.” Some of these same writers contribute to the DailyNurse’s blog, which does post a lot of industry news but also offers more personal anecdotes and light-hearted stories about nursing.

11. AJN Off the Charts

AJN Off the Charts

This is the official blog for the American Journal of Nursing and promises two to three new posts a week. Its content spans everything from industry news and research to controversial findings and personal stories. Off the Charts boasts a deep bench of contributors that includes working nurses, professors, researchers, and even patients.

12. Antonette Montalvo, Visionary Nurse

Antonette Montalvo is a nurse coach, community health consultant, and published author. As the co-founder of Montalvo International Community Health Initiative, she is committed to addressing health disparity in vulnerable communities. While Antonette is an expert in population and community health, her blog posts give us a glimpse of her true visionary side. She writes from the heart, inspiring readers to pursue personal growth and live positive lives. She also has a podcast where she publishes new episodes multiple times a year.

13. Healthy Workforce Institute

The objective of the Healthy Workforce Institute is to stop incivility in nursing. With scripts to stop disruptive behavior, helpful tips for preventing bullying in the workplace, as well as links to work with Dr. Renee Thompson (founder of Healthy Workforce Institute), this blog is a wealth of information related to fostering a healthy work environment. There is also an entire section dedicated to e-Learning with courses and programs to further your knowledge. The blog focuses on building a supportive culture for new nurses, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls of interdepartmental conflict. Healthy Workforce Institute has plenty of new content added monthly to keep you learning.

The Best Specialty Nursing Blogs

14. Nursing Stories

Nursing Stories

Specialty/Focus: Gerontological Nursing
The author of this blog, Marianna Crane, has 40 years’ worth of stories on being a nurse for the underserved elderly population in Chicago. She posts a lot of first-person accounts of her time in the field, as well as her thoughts on current events in nursing and healthcare. She writes to help overcome what she says is a hierarchy in the health industry that historically favors physicians and doesn’t give nurses the credit they truly deserve.

15. ONS Voice

ONS Voice

Specialty/Focus: Oncology Nursing
This is the blog/newsroom page for the Oncology Nursing Society and features articles written by staff writers and working nurses who are in the know. Topics include industry and research news, as well as practical professional information and self-care tips.

16. Feminist Midwife

Specialty/Focus: Midwifery
Nurse midwife Stephanie Tillman engages her blog readers in current conversations about all things gynecologic health and healthcare ethics. As a speaker and writer, Tillman combines her expertise in midwifery with her educational pursuit in healthcare ethics to advocate for patients. She is passionate about educating other healthcare providers about queer care, abortion care, and sex positivity. Stephanie’s blog is a great place to learn how to navigate patient interactions in the obstetric/gynecologic setting. Her post “Painful Cervical Exams During Labor,” for example, explains how to tactfully engage with a patient experiencing labor pain.

17. The Traveling Nurse

the traveling nurse | best nursing blogs and bloggers

Specialty/Focus: Travel Nursing
Anyone looking for travel nurse blogs shouldn’t have a problem finding one, but this one stands out for its eye-catching images that really make you want to take your job on the road. After nursing school at the University of San Francisco, K Chandler Rosemont set out to serve the world as a travel nurse. She recently spent time in India and published several poignant posts about how this experience has changed her, both personally and professionally. She covers a vast range of topics, including everything you need to know as a travel nurse and what she learned her first year as a nurse. She also offers some helpful tips, tricks, and tools, such as a table for quick, easy pediatric medical calculations.

18. The Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse

Specialty/Focus: Travel Nursing
Staff and guest writers alike contribute to the Gypsy Nurse with informational articles and first-person posts, such as one writer’s account of being a travel nurse in the U.S. Virgin Islands during Hurricane Irma. But this is more than just a blog. It also has a very solid social media presence and offers a variety of resources for travel nurses, such as housing and job listings.

19. Death Nurse

Specialty/Focus: Palliative Care & Hospice
Every nurse will encounter death at some point in their career, but some of our colleagues are more open to discussing death than others. As a certified palliative care and hospice nurse, Jerry Soucy is no stranger to death, and he wants to help us get the conversation going. He has been serving up death-related posts since 2017, covering a range of topics like corporate hospices and peaceful deaths in the setting of a pandemic. Don’t let the dark nature of this blog scare you off; Nurse Jerry keeps it light with posts like how to make homemade yogurt, which he claims is extremely easy!

20. Yoga Nurse

yoga nurse | best nursing blogs and bloggers

Specialty/Focus: Self-care
Lindsay Pemble is a cardiac NP and yoga teacher who says it took her nearly burning out from her career to get her onto the yoga mat. Her blog focuses primarily on promoting self-care for nurses through nutrition and natural health. Recent posts include “What to Do About Chaos and Despair” and “Because It’s All About Love,” which talks about being “a mother to those you serve” as well as a deep dive into her Yoga Nurse Teacher Training. Her Instagram page is just as inspirational as her blog, featuring quotes to help overcome stress and anxiety in the workplace and life.

21. Minority Nurse

minority nurse | best nursing blogs and bloggers

Specialty/Focus: AAPI/POC Nurses
This blog brings inclusivity and diversity to the forefront, with content categories for different groups, such as Asian American and Pacific Island Nurses, Men in Nursing, Native American Nursing, and many others. Authors come from a variety of communities and bring unique perspectives, with blog posts like “Using LinkedIn to Accelerate Your Career,” “Six Steps to Being a Better Nurse Communicator,” “Educate Yourself About Retirement Planning Now,” and “The Importance of Teaching Nursing Students How to Cope with Their Mental Health” a post that takes a deep dive into the issue of mental health for healthcare workers.

The Best Blog for Nursing Humor

22. GomerBlog


This blog is basically “The Onion” for nurses. It posts relatable and funny stories like “Hospital Administrators Utilizing $8 Twitter Blue Checkmarks for Patient Communication” and “Tinder Profiles by Specialty.” It’s fun to keep up with its posts on the site, as well as on its social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Best Nurse Bloggers Around

23. The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, is the Nerdy Nurse. Her blog focuses on nursing and tech, and her audience spans everyone from nursing students to full-time healthcare workers to the general public. She’ll talk about things like the best medical TV shows for 2023, as well as shoe reviews and travel nurse housing. Wilson even includes some handy resources for starting your own nursing blog.

24. Kathy Quan of The Nursing Site

Kathy Quan of The Nursing Site

Kathy Quan has been an RN for more than 35 years, and she’s also a published author in her field. She’s a home health and hospice nurse, who focuses much of her blog on providing uplifting and inspiring content to her fellow nurses. Quan celebrated the start of 2023 by publishing her self-care intentions for the new year.

25. Nurse Nacole

Nurse Nacole

Nacole Riccaboni is an RN whose blog offers her take on nursing and her expertise to the nursing community. Nurse Nacole posts a nursing tip of the day every day, and she hosts one podcast and co-hosts another, both of which are available from her blog. She’s an Acute Care and Family Nurse Practitioner and is on the path toward earning a DNP, which is a unique journey to follow for any other nurses who might be considering that route.

26. Donna Cardillo

Donna Cardillo

Donna Cardillo, RN, is the “Inspiration Nurse.” She’s a writer who travels the world speaking to help professionals — nurses or others — to reach their full career potential. On top of all this, she runs two blogs: “Motivation Cafe” and “Nurse Power!” Motivation Cafe is an uplifting blog with a more personal touch, including posts like “You Are Not Alone: A Nod to Caregivers.” Nurse Power! is Cardillo’s second blog, which is full of great informational content for nurses, such as questions to prepare yourself to answer in a job interview or the right amount of notice to give when resigning from a position.

27. Nurse Keith

Nurse Keith

Nurse Keith has been writing the Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway blog since 2005. In addition to writing, he provides holistic career coaching and hosts the Nurse Keith Show podcast, which you can find on his blog site. Posts include topics like how to ace your nursing interview, ways to build a network of nurse allies, and conscious creation of your nursing career.

28. Exceptional Nurse

As the founder of the Exceptional Nurse blogspot, Donna Maheady, EdD, ARNP, helps cultivate inclusion for nurses with disabilities. Through “nursing spotlight” style posts, we get a glimpse at a day in the life of a disabled nurse — from what it’s like to complete nursing school from a wheelchair to working as a nurse with Asperger’s syndrome. Maheady’s writing inspires all nurses to realize the importance of an inclusive workplace so that we can better serve our patients and each other.

29. Nurse Barb

In Nurse Barb's Daily Dose, you'll meet Barb Dehn, a woman's health nurse practitioner who is focused on creating engaging educational content. Her health publishing company, Blue Orchid Press, focuses on providing health and wellness information for women. She's a blogger, author of several books, a source for detailed information, and an inspiration to practitioners focusing on women's health needs.

Originally published on August 21, 2019. Updated January 10, 2022 by Alexa Davidson, MSN, RN a freelance health writer and registered nurse with over a decade of experience in neonatal and pediatric cardiac intensive care.

Updated January 16, 2023 by Alexandra Prabhu, RN, BSN, a pediatric ICU and cardiac cath lab nurse with nearly two decades of experience in healthcare.

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