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Cara Gray Bridgers

Cara Gray Bridgers, JD/MBA is a full-time attorney based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Cara uses her business and legal education as an in-house attorney at a global corporation by day. By night, Cara loves to read, write about business and law, and teach group fitness classes.

Nurse leading a protest for better working conditions. Nursing strikes are usually a last resort

Can Nurses Be Sued if They Strike?

Workers have a right to safe working conditions and to strike to get those conditions. Some industries have limits on this action, some don’t. But what about nurses? In this article we explain if a nurse can be sued for striking and alternatives to explore.

medical malpractice lawsuit

I'm Being Sued for Medical Malpractice — What Should I Do?

No one wants to mess up in their job, but some mistakes are more costly than others. Being prepared can help ease the stress in the event that the worst case scenario happens.

woman looking in the mirror in the bathroom preparing for a healthcare interview

How to Prepare for a Healthcare Job Interview

Going in for an interview can always be an unnerving situation. Healthcare is no exception. Don’t be caught unprepared in your next interview, and read on to learn ways to be prepared for might come your way.

two dental hygienists managing a dental practice

Managing Your Dental Practice 101

You work hard to get to where you are in your dental career. You’ve gone into business into your own practice, or have been given the task of managing one you work at. Managing a practice isn’t easy, so read on for some insight.

man in scrubs reading best dental blogs on his phone

Best Dental Blogs & Vlogs

Continuous education is important to staying up to date on the latest trends and practices. Keep in the know about the dental world with this list of dental blogs and vlogs.

man sitting in front of panel while displaying red flags during an interview

Red Flags to Look for During an Interview

You get called for an interview for a position you have been really striving for. As the interview goes on, you feel like the company may not be the place for you. Here are 6 red flags to look out for while interviewing with a company.

two therapists discussing ethical standards in mental health counseling

5 Examples of Ethical Issues in Counseling

In the practice of mental health therapy, there will be tough moments. As a therapist, you are held to high standards of privacy and ethics. This article outlines a list of 5 ethical issues and what to do if one is filed against you.