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Robyn Correll

10 Articles

Here Are 5 Strategies for Healthcare Professionals Working in High-Stress Environments

We asked several mental health experts to share some strategies that can help you manage and cope with high-stress situations.

Nurse Bullying: What It Is & How To Stop It

We spoke with Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN, CSP, of the Healthy Workforce Institute to share her thoughts on how to put a stop to nurse bullying in the workplace.

Networking in Nursing: Here's How To Find Your Next Job

Learn how to use the people you know — and those you sort of know — along with your social network to land your dream job.

How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome as a Healthcare Professional

We'll walk you through what imposter syndrome is, what it looks like, and how to overcome those feelings when they start to creep in.

Tail Coverage 101: What It Is & How It Works

If you’re changing jobs soon or retiring, you’ll want to read this quick summary to make sure your work stays insured.

Real-Life Nursing Malpractice Case: One NP Shares Her Experience Of Being Sued

A nurse practitioner shared her true story of being sued for malpractice, and what it was like to continue fighting the suit when everyone else settled.

Nurses: Are EMRs Stressing You Out? Here’s How To Cope

Nine in 10 nurses say they leave work physically and mentally exhausted. Find out how EMRs are contributing to this trend and what you can do to combat it.

What Is Compassion Fatigue in Nursing?

Compassion fatigue is very common and can lead to unhappy and unhealthy work lives for nurses. Here's what to look out for.

When Should You Get Your Own Malpractice Insurance?

Know what to look for in your employer’s policy — and what to ask — before you buy your own.