Malpractice Insurance for Registered Nurses (RNs)

You work hard to provide your patients with the best possible care. But in nursing, mistakes happen and bad outcomes sometimes occur. In those instances, a patient or their family may file a malpractice claim against you or your team. That’s why RN malpractice insurance is so important: If you’re ever facing a malpractice lawsuit, your insurance policy can give you the resources and support you need to protect your career, your reputation, and your livelihood.

In addition to registered nurse insurance, we also offer malpractice coverage for other types of nursing professionals, including:

An Overview of Registered Nurse (RN) Insurance

Registered nurse malpractice insurance – also known as RN liability insurance – is a type of professional liability insurance that protects nurses when a patient or a patient’s representative sues them for making a mistake. The nurse may be named individually or as part of a group of defendants.

Regardless of whether you actually made the mistake, a malpractice lawsuit can be an enormous financial burden. There are the legal costs of defending yourself against the claim, as well as court fees, lost wages, and more. In addition, if you settle the lawsuit or are found responsible by the court, you’ll have to pay for damages. This usually comes as a financial settlement.

When you buy RN liability insurance, you’re protecting yourself from the financial blow of a malpractice claim: The insurance company can help you cover the costs associated with the lawsuit.

Coverage varies widely by policy and the company you choose, but RN malpractice insurance can cover the following expenses:

  • Settlement and claim costs
  • Defense counsel and legal fees
  • Defense for licensing board actions
  • Lost wages and travel expenses
  • HIPAA violations
  • Reputation protection
  • Good Samaritan coverage

When buying RN malpractice insurance, it’s important to choose a provider you can trust and a policy that will give you the protection you need. Berxi, which is part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, has the stability, resources, and expertise to support you every step of the way.

Why Do RNs Need Liability Insurance?

A malpractice claim not only impacts your finances, but it can also threaten your nursing license, damage your reputation, and consume your valuable time – not to mention the emotional toll it can take.

RN liability insurance won’t take away all the stress of a claim, but it does reduce the financial burden. The insurance provider puts a dedicated attorney and a team of claims professionals in your corner to help you through the ordeal.

According to the National Practitioner Data Bank, of the total number of medical malpractice payments made from 2012 to 2022, 26% were from non-physicians. What’s more, the average total costs of malpractice claims are mind-boggling, especially when you consider paying them without the financial safety net of malpractice insurance: Based on data collected in the NPDB, between 2015 and 2022, the average medical malpractice payment for RNs was $359,826.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Own RN Malpractice Insurance

A common misconception among RNs is that because they receive insurance through their employer’s policy, they don’t need to purchase their own supplemental insurance policy. While your employer-provided insurance might cover you if you’re named in a malpractice lawsuit, there are a number of benefits to having your own policy.

  • Legal defense for licensing board actions, which is often not covered by employer policies.
  • Protection in HIPAA-related claims and actions. This is also usually not covered by your employer.
  • Extra funds, which can be helpful if many members of the team are named in the same suit as you.
  • Personal legal counsel. Having your own policy means you are the main point of contact with your defense team.
  • Control over deciding whether or not to settle. Employer policies might be more likely to force your hand.
  • Reputation coverage, which is usually not provided by employer policies.

Supplemental malpractice insurance gives nurses across the country the financial support and peace of mind they need to survive a malpractice claim – and everything that comes with it.

RN Malpractice Insurance Benefits and Coverage

Berxi’s registered nurse malpractice insurance provides top-rated protection customized specifically for you. Benefits of a Berxi RN policy include:

  • Occurrence and claims-made policy options.
  • Legal defense outside the limits of liability. This means that money spent on your defense won’t be deducted from your insurance limits — so if you have a $1 million limit, you’ll still have $1 million to pay for any settlements or damages.
  • Consent to settle. This means that we won’t settle a claim without your consent.
  • $0 deductibles
  • Flexible insurance limits based on your needs
  • Convenient payment plans for select policies
  • Customizable tail coverage options for customers with claims-made policies

What’s Covered in a Berxi RN Malpractice Insurance Policy

Medical malpractice coverage insures you against claims of negligence or of making a mistake that caused bodily harm to another. This includes providing you with a lawyer to defend yourself and the funds you can use to pay judgments or settlements. Typical limits of liability for RN malpractice insurance range from $500,000 per claim/$1 million aggregate to $2 million per claim/$6 million aggregate.

If a claim is filed against you, we’ll retain a lawyer for you from our network of defense attorneys specializing in medical malpractice. We’ll also pay for related defense costs (e.g., lawyer fees, court fees, and expert witness costs). Note that these defense costs are outside the limits of your RN liability insurance. This means that the cost of legal counsel and other defense fees won’t cut into the settlement fees you may need to pay after a ruling – if you have a $1 million limit per claim, you’ll still have that full amount for a settlement.

Your RN malpractice insurance policy applies on a worldwide basis, as long as a claim is brought against you in the United States (which includes any U.S. territories or possessions).

If you provide professional care to someone who is not your patient in a first aid or emergency situation, and that person files a claim against you, your policy will still apply.

Automatic Coverage Extensions

If a claim alleges that you violated privacy rules in connection with private health information, we provide you with access to counsel and will reimburse you for costs related to HIPAA proceedings — including relevant HIPAA fines.

If a professional licensing authority is investigating matters related to your professional conduct, our policy provides you with legal defense.

If you face a threat to your professional reputation, your RN liability insurance policy can provide you with a crisis management/public relations consultant to help clear your name.

Additional A La Carte Coverage

The policy applies if someone files a claim against you alleging that your premises or operations caused them bodily injury or harm.

If you’re audited by either Medicare or Medicaid, we offer reimbursement for related accountant or attorney costs that result from the investigation or defense of the audit proceedings.

Get RN Malpractice Insurance Through Berxi

We’re working to create a better insurance experience for RNs by offering affordable coverage and outstanding service. Here are a few things that set us apart.

We’ll Save You an Average of 20%

Berxi is a direct-to-customer insurer. This means we’re not just the people who sell you an insurance policy – we’re also the people who are responsible for handling your claim. Working directly with us eliminates many fees that are typical in insurance transactions. In fact, our customers save an average of 20%.

We’ll Save You Time

Because Berxi is an all-digital platform, you can go on our website to get a quick quote, buy a policy, and download your certificate of insurance – all in the same day. And if you ever need to file a claim, you can do that online, too.

We’re Part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company

Every Berxi policy is backed by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, which has a financial strength rating of A++ from AM Best and AA+ from Standard & Poor. That means we have the financial stability to make sure you’re protected for the long term.

Our Customer Support is World-Class

If you purchase insurance from Berxi, you’ll get top-notch customer support when you need it. When you call our support line, which is open from 8 AM to 8 PM, five days a week, you won’t have to navigate through an endless phone tree or argue with a robot: You’ll reach a real-life human being who will work hard to answer all your questions. And if a claim is ever filed against you, our team will help you navigate the claims process, every step of the way.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Berxi was recommended to me by a friend at another company, and now it seems that everyone where I work has them too! The quoting process was easy… and the price is better than anywhere I’ve found.”

– Jeremy B.

“Completely stress-free setup and customized to my needs. So easy I didn’t even need to talk to anyone!”

– Che H.

“[My claims representative] was so compassionate. He listened and kept me informed on the status of the case. He really cared about what I was going through and reassured me that Berxi was on my side and that I didn’t need to worry.”

– Kim P.

*”20% savings” is based on industry pricing averages as of June 2020. Berxi is a division of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, part of Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity group of insurance companies, which holds financial strength ratings of A++ from AM Best and AA+ from Standard & Poor’s. All policies are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC# 22276. View full disclosures.