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Lauren Garcia

8 Articles

Deals & Discounts for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

These companies and organizations want to make life easier for those on the front lines of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The Best (& Worst) States for Physical Therapists in 2020

We pulled state-level data on salaries, affordability, job growth, and quality of life rankings to determine the best and worst states for PTs to live in 2020.

The 27 Best Nursing Blogs to Follow in 2020

Talented nurses everywhere blog about things like work, life, travel, and self-care. Here are the 27 best blogs and bloggers out there.

Charting By Exception: What To Be Aware Of When Taking Shortcuts

We'll walk through some of the major considerations nurses should be aware of when using a charting technique like CBE.

How Much Does an Occupational Therapist Make?

On top of hourly and annual salaries, we’ll also highlight how much OTs can expect to make by work setting and by state.

These Are the Best (& Worst) States for Nurse Practitioners in 2020

Just in time for the new year, we've updated our list of the best states for NPs. Find out what's in store for your state this year.

How Much Do Physical Therapists Make?

Find out just how much you can earn once you’re done with your PT education and training.

How to Get a Job in Healthcare Risk Management

Learn more about what healthcare risk managers do, how much they get paid, and how to get into the industry.